DW1650 Weird Problem :(

I have always used the DW1650 but the latest one i received will play music cd’s , it will find blank verbatim DVD media, but it will not play a regular dvd movie or burn a dvd movie. It has the BCFC firmware, Why would it play a music cd but not a movie any suggetions ??? Thanks

After looking over my settings on the other pc’s they say Location 1 in properties this one says location 0 Does this help at all ???

OK Fixed it !!! I had to remove Nero7 and put Nero6 on and now it works perfect. I told you it was a weird one :slight_smile: lol

Glad you found the answer to your problem.
FWIW, several of us had problems with Nero 7
and went back to Nero 6.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I have 3 other pc’s with the same burner and all use nero 7 go figure :confused: Well like you said at least it is working