DW1650 vs DW1640

What is the main difference between the 1650 and the 1640? Where is one better than the other?

Both are fine rippers/burners. My 1640’s, regardless of firmware, don’t handle the recent flood of crappy Verbatim MCC004’s well at all, but my 1650 does. The 1650 is a bit quieter too…

I think…
There are no profit which is better!

but I like 1640 than 1650
because In my country 1640 is cheaper than 1650 :slight_smile:

1640 is better with DL media and 1650 with newer faster 16x SL media.

Yeah what’s up with the recent batches of crap MCC004? Even my Plextor 760A comes up with bad results.

Quality started getting unreliable some time ago,
both MCC 004 and MCC 003.
I switched to TY.

I don’t have problems with recent MCC004 (printable, Made in Taiwan). Rather I have problems with recent MCC03RG20 (printable, Made in Taiwan). Here a typical scan (written at 12x speed with the BenQ 1655):

Had the same issue with both my 1650 and 1655. Never got to get a score higher than 95 in such MCC03RG20 (non-printables, Taiwan). Have been lucky so far with MCC004, both indian and Taiwanese, they both seem to be decent batches. But from what I hear by other users, it may be time to swich to Yudens…

So which FW and burn settings appear to perform best with Yuden 02 DVD+R and the 1650? I have a new Sony DRU-810A-R. Have a lot of experience with the NEC 3500 but zero time with the 1650.


  • better burn with 40 BSLB is all I use, BCIB or IC with TY 8x

I think all this is pathetic! The average consumer doesn’t know what are media codes and all the optical and media tech talk. They just buy what’s on the shelf. Why can’t everything be made with quality in the first place?

I goto BestBuy or CompUSA and ask them talk about media codes and they think I’m from another planet. Then I told them to get me a manager and the manager doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

Simply put, the average consumer doesn’t know about all this stuff, so why can’t all media be made with quality in the first place? I personally think it’s a waste of raw materials. If your going to use that piece of round plastic to make a disc, might as well make a good one or not make it at all.

I’m certainly having some problems with the latest batch of Verb branded MCC 004 I got. Although the score (95) isn’t that bad, PIE and PIF totals are much higher than I’m used to with this type media.

SB: off/on OS: off WOPC: off (best results of any setting)