DW1650 very picky about 16X media it llikes?

Or is it just me? I used 16x verbatim and 16x TDK. Both burn at only 12X. But quality scans showed it seemed to like the TDK better.

Any drive have a “preferred” media that give better results. Anyway, benq drives are not so picky for what I know.

Can you post some scans? What firmware you used? Benq drives seems to have a “preferred” firmware instead. Some fw give better results than other with certain media. It happen with benq 1640, but I don’t know if also for 1650/55 is the same.

There is also another factor: different media batches have different quality. Maybe you got a bad batch of media.

Its just you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got Verbatim 16x -R’s and TDK 16x -R’s

Both burn at 16x, but the Verbatim result is slightly better than the TDK (I was expecting better from the Verb, but I might have to try their +R’s)

My Philips 16x +R (Infome 30) burn @ 4x with WOPC enabled. With WOPC disabled they burn just fine @ 16x.

I wish there was a way we could disable WOPC by default…

Not normal :disagree: . You have a transfert issue, probably the source HD is very fragmented or your system has an IDE problem with this HD. I had a similar issue once, ANY burner wouldn’t burn faster than 12X on that system, I could trace it down to the HD.

About the TDK and Verbs, don’t assume that the best scan is always an indication of better media. :disagree: TDK003 scans extremely well when burnt in my 1650, but I found it was affected with degradation issues, and I don’t expect these to live very long. My Verbs, on the other hand, are 100% stable despite somewhat lesser original scans.

There is more to media quality than original scans. ;). TDK has produced some great media in the past (TTG02 has been my favorite for its fantastic stability and scratch resistance), but since the production switched to 16X (TTH02 and TDK003) I’ve been very disappointed with their discs.

EDIT - would you happen to use the BCHC firmware? If so, you could try to flash back to BCFC or BCDC. BCHC seems to behave strangely with some units.