DW1650, slowing burn speed



I have a DW1650, and I’m having the problem that it’s slowing burn speed down midway through most of my burns, even on certified media.

For example I tried burning Sony16D1 -r media today at 8x (media is rated at 16x), and at about the 1gb mark, the burner slowed to 4x. Scan results were okay.

I have some UME01 media rated at 8x. When attempting to burn at 8x, it actually slows media down to 2.4x, ending up with horrible scans. Even with top notch media such as MCC 004, it starts and finishes at 4x, when I told it to burn at 16x. This happens to a variety of different media that burns with excellent result at rated speeds in my other drives.

Any way to disable this? I have overspeed enabled, WOPC on, SB on.


It seems that your computer have a speed problem. Can you post a burst rate test?

Run cd-dvd speed, insert a disc on the drive, NOT a blank one, and select menu “Run Test” --> Burst Rate.

Can you post the value here?


I can’t imagine it being a speed problem with the interface. My LG is connected to the same IDE channel and has no problems burning at 18x. Additionally the buffer stays full throughout the burn process.

What happens is it simply seems to ignore my input as to speed selection, and decide to burn at whetever speed if feels necessary for the media. It’s really annoying to wait 20+ minutes for a MCC 004 disc to finish at 4x, knowing it can burn at the full 16x quite easily with decent results. The drive seems way too picky with media.

I’ll post the burst rate when the TRT is finshed, but here’s a scan to show how the speed is dropping despite what I entered in.


You may want to try different firmware.

A few people seem to have speed issues with BCIC and BCHC. BCDC seems to be a favourite although I personally like BCFC.


On an IDE connector can be plugged two devices, and for each device there is a DMA setting. It can be that one drive is set as DMA and the oter is set as PIO. So I suggest to check DMA anyway :slight_smile:

A cause of slowing could be a faulty IDE cable, or also a heavily fragmented hard disc.

Another cause could be if you are trying to do a copy “on the fly” between two drives connected to the same IDE connector.

Another test you can do is clean the learn media list in QSuite, or also flashing again the firmware.


Alas I seem to have solved the problem by reverting back to BCFC firmware. I am now able to burn discs at 16 and 12x on discs I was unable to before. I can only remember getting one disc (the MCC 03RG20) to burn at 16x before, even though I had lots of other media which burned at 16 to 20x on other drives.

The UME01 disc also burned at 8x like it’s supposed to, although an AML002 disc of mine burned at 4x even though I told it 8x. Oh well, it ended up with horrible scans, burns much better in my other drives so I don’t even care.

I updated the firmware before I started using the drive (this is a rebadged CompUSA brand) so I never got to see what it was like on a firmware older than BCIC. It seems like a completely different burner now, with much better quality scans. So for those with any issues, I recommend against the use of BCIC. The old scans with this same media produced horrible amounts of PIE’s (often 100-200), and above average PIF, likely due to certified media being slowed down to 4x, and even 2.4x with some 8x media.

Here’s some scans with the new firmware: