DW1650 Rising PI Errors Towards End of Burn

Using BCFC and noticing this on many discs I am using:

Maxell +RW (Ritek004) 4x Burning @ 4x (rising, but still acceptable)
Verbatim +R (MCC004) 16x Burning @12x (@12 horrible, but goes away at 8x)
Arita (Ritek004) 8x Burning @8x (rising, but still acceptable)

I am not seeing this with Maxell002 +R 8x burned at 8x.

What is the significance of the rising PI curve?

I intend on always burning “known” disks, are my settings of SB=off and WOPC=on optimal?

Are you scanning at 16x? This often causes skewed results. 8x is the standard for BenQ.

If this isn’t the problem then it could be due to a lot of different factors, including drive variations, and media quality.

Hi :slight_smile:
What your experiencing is fairly common. In regards to MCC 004, the only media you have that I’ve used. The quality of this media has varied greatly of late & for this reason, I would suggest SB enabled for all media including known. With the so called better media, disabling WOPC can bizarrely improve things. PIE included. So I would suggest trying with WOPC disabled with SB enabled.
With f/w early indications imply that the latest BCIC, would help in this area too.