DW1650 question

I was thinking about upgrading to the BenQ1650 from the nice burns i’ve seen. I was just wondering if it was a good scratch reader. If not, any recommendations for one? I have an NEC at the moment and it is a HORRID :a reader when it comes to scratches. Thanks for your time.

I want to say LG models seem to read things other brands won’t. Some Plextor models have done well at this, although IIRC (If I Remember Correctly) they weren’t number 1. I think BenQ is also a possibility for doing this ok. Hopefully someone else will come along to narrow this down more for you, Kenny.

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NEC, as well as BenQ is a fast reader and from my experience you need a slower reader, among other things, to read scratched disc. You can try to lower the read speed within your reader/ripper software.

LG and LiteOn are probably your best bets for reading marginal discs.

Benq DVD burners are actually very picky, in some instances even mediocre readers. But I wouldn’t use anything else for DVD burning. :slight_smile:
As Zevia says, lowering the reading speed can help!

This said, some ‘scratched’ discs will fail in all drives, don’t expect miracles. :frowning:

The earlier BenQ models tended to be better readers than the later ones in my experience.
My LiteOn SHM-165H6S would have to be my best reader at present of the drives I have installed.
My 1655 has “given up” on occasion where the 165H6S read without pause.

Cool, thanks for the replies. I’ll see if I can lower the read speed for scratched discs. I will look into a Lite-On to complement the 1650.

Thanks, I’ve been roaming about for awhile but couldn’t find the answer to my thread question so thought i’d post for once. Search button is my buddy :iagree:

Try using cdroller that works very very well on recovering data properly from damaged discs.

It will do more than just reread a sector a zillion times.