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I have been reading through the threads and looking at scans of MCC 004 verbatim media.I have used various firmwares and combinations of solidburn and WOPC on and off.In my experience i have found that BCHC seems to give me the best burns.PIF no higher than 5, PIE no higher than 8.Quality scores are never less than 97%.To get to the point, my question is that when I turn solidburn on for unknown media, it learns the MCC 004 and wil not burn it over 4x.The only way to change this is to flash back to an earlier firmware and than back to BCHC.Cleaning the Eprom and turning the settings off does not eliminate the 4x burning.Is the a problem with the drive, or just that the media is of poor quality? Any suggestions would be helpfull. Don’t like take 15 minutes to burn a disk.


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It’s my belief it’s f/w related. How & why is not yet clear. The effects are not consistant with various users either.
I suggest sticking with earlier f/w. I got my best results yet for the 1650, with TYG02 using BCHC. Yet dismal results by comparison using this f/w & MCC 004.
The burning speed problem maybe cured by flashing back to an earlier f/w & back again.
In extreme cases crossflashing (This Will Void Warranty)to Philips 1660, then back to BenQ 1650 can work. No guarantees though.


Thank You for your quick response.I had the same impression from what I have been reading.Still waiting for my Taiyo Yudens to arrive.I would like to see how they perform on the BCHC firmware compared to the MCC 004 before I flash back.Hopefully they will burn at full speed.I trust they will have good scans based on that they are a good quality media.


I had the MCC004 at 4x using SB on my first burn with the 1655 after the newest H flash. I pressed on through it and on the 2nd disc it burnt at 12x (which I requested) and all after that are fine. One thing I have found, some of my MCC004’s fail a Qsuit test at 8x so it could be that SB & WOPC are a little bit picky.


I tried many disks, but only got 4x burns.I turned solidburn off/off and also WOPC and overspeed off but that did not help.I even then uninstalled Q-Suite.Still it stuck to the 4x burns.Waiting to see what the Yudens do with this firmware before I reflash to BCFC.Thanks for your suggestions.

I think it just may be a crappy batch of media.Never had this problem on previous batches.


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I agree that of late MCC 004 has been increasingly varied in terms of quality. This was part of my decision to try Taiyo Yuden.


I got some TY a couple days ago… and my 1650 burns them rather poorly (at least not as well as I expected) at 16x and 8x. Very disappointed. Got them via RIMA.com, 16x rated silver-top DVD+R’s. My LiteON SHW-1635S gets much better scan results than the BenQ.


Oh, the taiyo yuden the folks in here refer to as the 8X yuden. Peeps in here don’t like the 16X yuden because they tested them and the result for the 16X is rather poor. Next time buy 8X Taiyo Yuden