DW1650 or DV-W516?

Which one is the faster reader and better scanner, LiteOn/BenQ DW1650 or TEAC DV-W516GD?

Of course, BenQ 1650. :iagree: Get it, or you’ll lose it forever!
I have 1640/1655, they are my best burners for all-around purposes.

I’m thinking about buying a 1650 for 24 Euros… Is it a reliable reader or is it picky with dual layer ROMs like most LiteOn drives?

My BenQs are reliable readers just like my LiteOns. However, the BenQ is more sensitive reader compared to LiteOn due to the fact that it reads faster by default thus when it encounters errors (from scratch discs etc) it will slowdown. You can set the read speed to a lower speed (8x) in your ripper software to overcome this problem.

If the disc is smooth and clean, it will rip at full speed.

More sensitive than LiteOn? That doesn’t sound good after all the problems described here in the forum with LiteOn drives… I had 3 LiteOn burners myself, fast rippers but they cannot even read every DVD-ROM.

Don’t worry, slow down doesn’t mean you can’t read anything, just slows. I don’t consider my Liteon as a strong reader, CD-R burner. :bigsmile:
TEAC is either a BenQ 1670 or a Liteon 165P6S, I would go for a BenQ 1650.