DW1650 no go with Prolific 3507?

Got a 1650 from NewEgg today. When I plug it into an external enclosure with Prolific PL-3507 chipset the drive goes undetected. When I plug the same drive into either IDE or Oxford 911 enclosure the drive is picked up right away. Has anyone had an similar experience with this drive (or the 1655)?

I checked the Prolific website but the latest firmware there was from 2005.11.28, which incidently was released to address a problem with the 1640 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got a 1650 in a Prolific PL3507 based enclosure and all is well.

It did have the same read problem as the 1640 but updating to the 2005.11.28 firmware solved it.

Hmm… wonder if it’s brand specific…
Here’s the one I’ve got:

which is currently working fine with a DW1620 (put back after I gave up on the 1650)

I’ll try with a different brand that uses Prolific… just need to dig one out of the “pile”. Otherwise I guess it’s RMA time.


Managed to fish out another Prolific enclose (Plumax I think is a brand for this one) and the 1650 is detected normally. Guess it really is something screwy with the Kingwin enclosure…

May want to go to prolifics web site and update the firmware to the latest version.