DW1650 for sale?




$40 + ~$7 shipping


Is this a decent DVD burner drive for the semi serious burner?


oops, that drive was not a burner. :sad:


No, this is a DVD-ROM drive (it shares a very similar model number).

And yes, the Benq 1650 burner is an excellent one.

P.S. - there have been some sites listing some of the Benq drives in stock even though they’re not, and I just read in the Benq forum that etech4sale doesn’t actually have it in stock. Zipzoomfly still has the 1620 in stock if you’re interested in one (also a very good drive).



I rely on the advice of the people here in guidance. I recently purchased 200 T002 TYs from rima. I am thinking a new burner would probably be my next best move.


What’s your current burner? About any modern burner (most 8x+ burners) handles T02 well, so if you’re strictly burning them then it may be unnecessary to buy another drive.


I am using the lite-on 851s@832s.

I am just wondering how long it will last and this seems like a good deal on what is apparently a well thought of burner on these forums.


In that case I [I]would[/I] suggest upgrading, thought the 1650 apparently is not actually in stock as I mentioned. The new LGs are good, the Pioneer 111D is good, the new Liteons are good, Zipzoomfly has the Benq 1620 also if you’re interested in a Benq (older model but still a good 16x burner).


Same as BenQ 1655 with no LightScribe. So if you love or hate BenQ 1655 you will do the same for this one also.