DW1650 Firmware Question

I just purchased a DW1650, and have found in the past that updating to the latest firmware is a good idea with DVD burners (A stack of bad archive DVDs from my LG 4160B is testament to this, until I updated the firmware for Ritek discs).

I found a link in the Benq/Philips Firmware thread to the Europe site

Interestingly, the US site had an older firmware than the Europe site. While the Australian site has neither:


My questions:

  1. Should I update to BCHC? (Listed on the Euro site, but not US)

  2. If I do update, do I have to install BCDC first (silly question, I think I know the answer, but I’ve never owned a Benq drive before, and the approach to burning and firmware seems different here)


Nope. You can instal the latest firmware…


Well, at first you should have a look what firmware is installed. BCDC or BCFC aren’t that bad, opinions about BCHC are split here :wink: Also, Benq drives have a learning mode for “unknown” media. Nice feature, I think.
btw: BCHC is also available at Benq global site (support.benq.com)

  1. If I do update, do I have to install BCDC first
    No. You can go straight ahead with the firmware you want to use. Also, you can go back to previous versions if you are not happy with the newer ones.

I’d recommend to stick with the firmware, the drive is delivered with, unless it is older than BCDC. If you are not satisfied, you can still install newer firmware.


My 1650 was delivered just this afternoon. It came with DCFC f/w installed, which I gather should be OK. DCHC is standing by in case I need it. I haven’t had a chance to try the drive out yet, but I did get QSuite installed and will have the combination to play with tonight. :slight_smile: