DW1650 DVD-R Lowest Burning Speed?



I know everyone is looking forward to burning at the highest speed possible - so my question may be surprising to lot of you.

My problem is - I have a good quantity of x4 DVD-R disks, not very good quality. My Pioneer (DVR-7) burns these perfectly without any error. I bought a DW1650 few days ago hoping I will be able to overburn my disks (CD-R & DVD-R) using a single burner and free up my PCs IDE ports for one more HDD.

The DW1650 has not succeeded in burning a single piece of these (POSTECH G02) x 4 DVD-Rs till now. On checking with Nero / QSuite found my Pioneer is burning these at x 3.7 whereas DQ1650 tries at x 4.3 and fails to burn.

I use Nero

Any way to reduce the burning speed for DW1650. My DVR-107 allows any speed to be selected between 1 to 8 (It is upgraded with 1.21 RPC-1 n x all FW ).


try using solidburn



using Nero CD/DVD-Speed you can check the speeds that can be used for your media. Possibly your media is not supported in the firmware, so the drive selects some default values.
You can try enabling Solid Burn using Qsuite software, maybe that helps.
If not, then you should burn these with the Pioneer until they are all used up.
Or, and I think, this is the hard way, disable DMA mode for that drive.

You can also put a PCI-IDE-card into your computer in order to add the additional HDD and keep both drives.



The Pio DVR-107 is a 8x dvd burner, the 1650 is a 16x dvd burner.

I would not suggest to overburn crap media anyway…