DW1650 CD probs - horrible spin-up noise, not ejecting properly

Has anyone else got problems with the DW1650 and CDs? It’s fine with DVDs but…

About a month ago (after owning it around a year) it started making horrible scratchy / crunching noises when it span-up a CD on insert, and with a number of CDs when it ejects them the CD isn’t in the tray properly which causes it to get jammed in between the back and top of the drive when the tray comes out. Seems as if the drive isn’t picking up / dropping the CDs properly so it’s bouncing around a bit when it spins or something. It’s only caused a small scratch on top of one CD so far (when ejecting) but I’ve stopped using CDs in it all together now, which ain’t great as all my games are on CD and I now have to use my old Lite-On and constantly swap discs.

Erm… advice? Is there a fix or should I try RMA (i forget how long the warrenty lasts…)? Or what free progs should I use to rip copy-protected cds (and either mount or burn to DVD using DVD standard) so I don’t need to keep swapping CDs every few hours?

sounds like the laser on the cd is dying. if you rma the 1650 you’ll probably get a Liteon drive since Benq sold their optical divison to them. buy a new drive like the Samsung Sata S203B drive or get the replacement drive which will probably be a Liteon. :wink: :slight_smile:

Can you try it in another pc and see how it goes?