DW1650 burn at 2x media Verbatim DVD+R 8x!

I am with a problem with a BenQ DW1650 (firmware BCDC) :

[li]Its a new Recorder, I bought a pack with 10 DVD+R Verbatim 8x (MCC 003) Already I recorded four DVD+R, every in the 8x speed
[/li][li]Every delayed around 30 minutes
[/li][li]I Did the test Create Disc with one of the medias and the result is shown down.[/list]
Speed: 2x CLV (1.87X medium)
Time elapsed: 30:59

Because a media 8x is being recorded to 2x?
The firmware not “knows” this media? The recorder came of factory with the fw BCDC. And now, what do I do?

Configurations of factory >>> WOPC on / SolidBurn off (know) on (unknow) / OverSpeed off

Is DMA enabled? Follow the link in my sig to check.

That shame, was the DMA disabled… did not I lend attention to the this detail, and here is a tangle in the controllers because the motherboard have a RAID IDE controller… but now already is everything well, I obtained to record to 8x

thanks, jhtalisman