DW1650 bcdc sb - relearn after fw update?

my current fw is bcdc.
I only use sb and found, that after the 3rd disk the quality finally reached the top.
When I do an update, that means I may risk 3 toasts per disk brand and type.
If the write strategy for sb mode is not improved, it makes no sense to update ?
When I read the threads correctly, the bcfc is not official BENQ and the bchc may have some issues.
If the sb strategy is enhanced by a newer fw, does it really need relearning?
Is there a tool to save and restore the learned strategies?

tks for your comments.

With firmware flashing you also “erase” the “learned” part of eeprom. This area is dynamic and we don’t have any means to back it up for a restore.
You’ll have to burn a few discs to make the drive “learn” new again.

  • If ain’t broken, don’t mess with it -. :slight_smile:

I see.
… never touch a well running system …

That’s one thing I miss about my old LiteOn drives
(451s and 832s). There was a tool available for
backing up and restoring the EEPROM for them.