DW1640 via Prolific USB troubleshooting



Hi all,

I know there have been a lot of threads on this issue, I’ve been reading them for months, but I’ve never been able to solve the problem with any satisfaction.

I’m running a DW1640 with FW BSOBrpc1 via the Prolific PL-3507B USB connector.

I have updated the firmware to F/W Version: 2005.11.28.148 [Checksum 5748] which fixes the read problem.

However, my burst rate via USB is a mere 14MB/s. I know the drive is fine as it works without fault in a desktop system.

I’ve tried firewire - the Acer Aspire 3020 laptop has a 400 port. I get 20MB/s burst rate with that but the actual burn speed fluctuates massively and never keeps a steady maximum. Occasionally the firewire vanishes mid-burn which is of some concern, so I’ve switched back to USB.

However, I’ve no idea why the USB is so slow in comparison to the values that other people have been getting. I have WinXP SP2 usb hub drivers. I’ve tried cross-flashing the firmware for external BenQ devices before and had no noticable improvement. I’ve replaced the wnaspi dll with the nero one…

Is there anything else that I haven’t tried that could be the cause of such shitty transfer abilities with this setup? There isn’t a bottleneck from the hard drive as I’ve tested that separately.

Any ideas?


WOPC might be causing the burn speed drops. This is normal for a BenQ drive and can be turned off via Qsuite.

Do the fluctuations in burn speed look like this by any chance? If they do then its most likely WOPC


It seems the prolific external case does not cope with Benq. Try another case like that with a chipset like Ali e.g.


You have to flash your drive with firmware BEGB of the external ew164b.