DW1640 - Trouble with Toshiba player reading discs

For some time now I have been editing video in Canopus Edius, exporting it using Canopus Procoder, authoring using DVDLab Pro, and writing to the DW1640 using CopytoDVD. All has gone well for months.

I began this week checking the burned DVDs on one of those Toshiba 14" TV/DVD player combos. Much to my surprise DVDs would hang up or stutter through certain segments. In checking them on other DVD players, they work fine. I pulled out some of my older authored DVDs and they play in the Toshiba fine. It appears to be my current burning status. I have used several different brands media with the same result.

Firmware is BSRB. I am burning on DVD-R discs.

I’m sending these out, and I know some recipients use the Toshiba combo players, so I’m alarmed.

Does anyone have any ideas how I should go about solving this problem?

Might be a dying drive. Put it in a different pc and try it.

Judging from your Join date you know to use Verbatims and TY’s right?

I’m using Verbatim Glossy printable discs. I’ve also tested the problem with some generic Office Depot discs to see what would happen. Same thing.

This is the only computer I have with a drive the will write DVD-R. If dying drive is a good possibility, I will need to put a new one in. Something from my local CompUSA (closing) or Best Buy so I can get it done quickly.

I don’t use the drive very much. Is this dying thing something to expect for a low hours drive? I suppose with electronics, it could happen at any stage.

yeah If you could put it in a friends machine? That’s i have to do right now.