DW1640 Smarter than You Think...Solidburn writes to Drive's Memory

Had some major problems with my OS over the past few days. Upgraded my video card to ATI AIW X800XT…and installed Pinacle Studio 9…messed up my whole OS…Long story short…Installed everything fresh this morning…including BenQ QSuite 2.0. Lo and behold…burns that I had done last week…were still stored in the drive’s memory. Pretty clever…I keep finding nuggets with this drive…


Hm… yes the learned strategies are stored in the drives memory. I don’t know where else they could be stored. Still if they would be stored on the HD it would be a lot better. Then we could easily exchange the strategies with each other, use any strategy for any discs, make backups of strategies that work well, maybe even manually fix the strategies… all this without the need to flash the firmware. This drive would then be a DVD freaks heaven.

Do you still think storing of strategies in drives memory is a good thing? =)

I luv the sound of storing strats to hdd. Even just for the sole user, it could be used like a “system restore” to revert back to certain strategies. Would be nice if there was some way to make this happen. :slight_smile:


Hey Quikee, I dont see any DW1640 in your sig. Isn’t your turn now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry… I’ll get it next week… I hope. =) They still don’t sell it in our country… which is no suprise as they started selling BenQ 1620 one month ago. =)


Totaly agree, it would be much much better to have the strats stored on the HD… not only would it be easier but safer for the drives as flashing the firmware wouldn’t be necessary. BenQ is doing pretty well for itself at the moment it’s good that they keep updating their products keeps us freeks happy. :wink:

Hope you get your hands on a DW1640 Quikee, it’s pretty impressive. :bigsmile:

Well storing the strats on HD is very unrealistic and hard to make as the drives have no direct access to the HD. It would be enough if BenQ would made 2 commands that would allow to import or export the write strategies into drives memory. I think this wouldn’t be very hard to make.

I can hardly wait to get one of this babies into my hand. :bigsmile:

Can’t you order online? :stuck_out_tongue:

I could… but then I would pay 50€+ for the drive and 20€+ for shippment. =)

Sounds like a perfect idea for a little util that can read and write the EEPROM in the drive. I don’t know anything about that myself but seeing all those cool little programs like MCSE and Omnipatcher prove that there’s some smart people out there who’ll probably figure it out.

It would be easily desiggned the chip for EEPROM in partition to house the firmware in one and functional features in another partistion of EEPOM.

Hi :slight_smile:
I find this post particularly interesting as I’ve found if you leave QSuite2 installed & go back to a previous f/w Solid Burn obviously doesn’t work, so it’s not possible to tell if memory is stored. Flash back to BSKB goto Solid Burn & there’s the memory of previous media used.
However do the same thing but uninstall QSuite2 first, then flash back to say BSHB followed reflash to BSKB. Then reinstall QSuite2 goto Solid Burn no memory of previous media. This had led me to believe that Solid Burn ‘memory’ was s/w ‘computer’ related. Nevertheless if this is the case I could not see the reason for limiting the ‘memory’ store.
Any thoughts ?

Sounds like a cool idea Quikee for the strats to imported/exported via the HD maybe we should start a Q-Suite suggestions thread who knows maybe they will actually implement some of them.

Hi :slight_smile:
Re: My post # 12
I’ve have uninstalled QSuite2, rebooted, reinstalled QSuite2 & Solid Burn ‘memory’ still present.


I dont know if a burn strategy learned for example on your drive, gives the best result on my drive?
Maybe they differ a bit in how they perform?

If not, perfecting strategies would be very easy indeed.
Just trow in a bundle of each mediatype you have and after a burn of 5 or 10 (or whatever is the optimal number) you can say you have found the optimal stategy for that mediatype, just exchange it with your friends and they dont have do do the same again.

Nice :slight_smile:

That would not work since every drive has slightly different calibration in the EEPROM.

Making such application wouldn’t be hard… but BenQ has to implement the commands for this in the firmware.

It looks like when you flash the drive the staregies are also erased but I’m 100% sure they aren’t stored local on a HD because this would make no sense. I know how QSuite works to the detail because I already managed to do everything QSuite does in my own program. QSuite as a program is nothing really impressive anyway… a skilled programmer could write a exact program like QSuite in 1 or 2 days.

I had such an idea even before SolidBurn firmware was released. That’s also the way I would make SolidBurn… that’s why I’m a little bit dissapointed in SolidBurn because with some modifications it would be really good.

Well this is also the problem with every strat swapping or modifying… the startegies might not work the same with your drive then it did in others. But this is also the problem with the strategies originally in the firmware… that’s why we have technologies like SolidBurn and WOPC to compensate for that. Still an exported strategy would help 1 or 2 people that have a similar drive import/export would already have some meaning.

Ok then you just said Dee’s modifications of the Nec firmware doesn’t work… this is the exact the same thing just a different approach.

Hi :slight_smile:
Thanks for you response & I’m sure you know more than me but if “when you flash the drive the strategies are also erased”. Why does QSuite still show the ‘learned strategies’ when flashed back.
IE: Take a drive - flash from BSHB to BSKB - set solid burn on - let learning process take place with 4 different media - flash to previous f/w {(say BSGB) of course as this f/w doesn’t support solid burn you can’t tell if learned media is still there.} - flash back to BSKB & goto solid burn, there’s your leaned memory. Yet you’ve done a ‘clean flash’.
When repeating the process but also including uninstall firstly before any flashing then reinstall QSuite2 after flashing, goto solid burn & learned media empty. However if you simply remove (reboot) then add QSuite2 without flashing learned media remains.
My experiences lead me to believe there is a connection between the flash (BSKB) & QSuite2. Is this likely that a combination of the two result in a carrying over of the learned media? In other words QSuite2 is providing a ‘link’.

I see… sorry I misinterpreted your last post… if this is the case then I guess the learned strategies are stored in a separate place than the firmware and it’s not being erased when flashing.

Well yes it could be done this way… I have to investigate on this when I get the drive. It could also be that after a flash commands don’t work propely and report 0 learned staregies, when you reboot then the drive is reset and the commands start working correctly… then you can see everything again. I hope I understood you correctly this time. =)

Hi :slight_smile:

Many thanks Quikee

I’m sure you’ll be more than pleased with the 1640

If I get time I’ll experiment more as it has just occured to me that QSuite when left installed could be ‘misreporting’ the learned memory status. This is being cured by uninstall / reinstall.