DW1640 slow reading speeds

My brother has a DW1640 and says he reporting slow reading speeds something along the lines of 40 mins even for single layers. He’s using a speedpatched “L” firmware. His IDE setting is Ultra Word 2. Anyone have any ideas? TIA

Hi :slight_smile:
IDE setting should be UDMA 2. See here.

His UDMA setting should be UDMA 2, not multi-wordEDIT: You are faster then me Zebadee, always one step ahead.

Can you be more specific - i.e. is the problem with all
discs, or just pressed movies, DL or SL etc?
Was the drive working normally, then developed a problem
or did the problem start as soon as the drive was installed?
We need more info. :slight_smile:

click the link zebadee posted…all pertinent information should be included there :wink: