DW1640 Retail with Nero. Where to buy?

Where can one buy the BenQ DW1640 in black with Nero 6? The full retail version.

I’m not looking for the cheapest price, but rather a reliable merchant and the full retail package. I’ve looked through multiple Google pages and haven’t found anything but bare, OEM, and something called OC3, none of which I understand.

I’m assuming that if I purchased the “bare” unit from NewEgg, I’d still need Nero 6, right?

There seem to be a few Plextor 740A units around. Is it safe to buy one of these and know you’re getting the exact same thing as the BenQ.

Thanks for your help.


Oops: Better tell you, I’m in the U.S.

why do you want retail…for the warranty???

I doubt you will rma a $40 drive if something happens…too much hassle…shipping will be $10

just go Newegg, I am pretty sure you will get oem Nero6

the retail benq 1620 I got from staples with rebate hassles…really had no advatage,

all the benq software can be d/led

Circuit city carries the BenQ 1640 with black bezel. price last time I checked was 89.00 U.S.D.

I heard CC had them…mine however does not…they only had the 1620

I do not want my other post to seem harsh if so, I apologize

But retail is just an added expense and different faceplate with BenQ on it…clearly not worth $40

Nealh: I appreciate good discussion and hard questions. Thanks.

I note that Circuit City has the retail unit with $30 in mail-in rebates this week, bringing it down to $49.99. Does that seem like the way to go?


I hope I’m not breaking any rules posting the link. I’m just seeking input as to whether I’m reading the ad right and this is the same thing. We seem to live in a world where if you don’t read all the fine print and varying model numbers, you buy something other than what you think you’re getting.


looks good…if you want the rebate hassles…personally I hate paying tax on retail price, then waiting and hoping the rebate goes fine

I have a $10 rebate from logitech on an MX1000 from june that they say they have nothing on the rebate(does not even seem to exist to rebate center…so I have to call…) what a pain for $10…but the prinicple makes me do…there way of not paying


read 1st review it comes with Nero 6 oem

Actually, my experience with rebates has been much the same…they never seem to arrive.


Deane…please read the first review from newegg…seems like you get what you want and in Neb. I would guess free shipping wiould be 2 days

I live in FL and most of my newegg stuff come from Cal…so it is 3 days

My 1640 from Newegg came with Nero 6 OEM.


My 1640 just arrived from Newegg and it has a Nero 6 OEM Suite One disc in the antistatic plastic bag for the burner-

You can get it shipped for $47 here:


Seems convincing to me. I just finished placing my order with NewEgg.

Thanks for all of your help. Not being a computer junkie, I hope I get it installed and working. I need to take my factory (Dell) Philips DVD+RW unit out to make room for it.


I got it for $40.99 when they had a $5.00 instant rebate thing - the black bevel model. $4.00 shipping. Newegg has some great deals.

Remember when these things were several hundred dollars?

Hey mike, was yours made in China?


Yes it was - to tell you the truth - I was disappointed when I opened the box and saw that-
But after installing it and IMMEDIATLY getting a Quality Score of 97 with CD Speed Create Data Disk - I knew that it probably is a keeper - I just hope that it is good for the long haul ‘cause I do a lot of burnin’ - we’ll see-


Are there going to be different versions of the 1640? Or should all be the same with the same level of quality?

FedEx just delivered my BenQ drive a day early.

I was planning on removing my Dell supplied Philips DVD+RW drive from the computer and putting the BenQ DW 1640 in it’s place.

I got to thinking, I also have a Dell supplied CD-RW drive in the computer. Would it make more sense to remove the CD drive and put the BenQ in it’s place. Don’t DVD drives like the BenQ record CDs just as well as a dedicated CD drive?

Thanks once again.


Yes, your new BenQ should be able to replace your dedicated CD-RW drive.

Actually $49 after rebate is not bad for a retail. I remember I bought my retail BenQ 1620 from newegg for almost $70 shipped. Thanks for the link Deane.


Typically the dedicated CD-RW drives burn CD’s better than DVD-CD burners-

I would keep the CD-RW as the “Slave” and put your 1640 in as “Master” (double/triple check your jumper settings-

Don’t forget - after you install the new drive - to go into your Control Panel - System - Hardware - Device Manager - IDE Channels - Secondary Channel - click on “remove driver” - exit - restart computer
This will force XP to reinstall the driver for the Secondary Channel and give you a fresh start with your new drive-

Happy Burnin’



I will follow your advice for setup.

Where do I find the key to the jumper settings? No instructions come with the OEM version of the drive, there is nothing except Nero on the supplied disc, and there isn’t a manual for the DW1640 on the BenQ web site.

Thanks again.