DW1640: quality improved 3 points

Normally I get a quality score of 94 to 95 in Nero DVDSpeed with Verbatim 16X DVD+ (mediacode MCC 04)

Just for testing purposes, I changed the booktype from DVD-ROM to DVD+ for +media.

Result was an immediate jump to 98 quality score and much less PIF reading peaks. (Same media, same 25 pc spindle)

Since my standalone player doesn’t give a sh*t which booktype it gets fed, I’m switching to + booktype permanently.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon?

Discs booktype is written to one of the first sectors of disc (lead-in). If you had PIF spike in this area on your previous burns than it might have interfered.

But if the disc quality was lowered by PIF’s in other sectors, than you have to thank your drive/firmware, burning application, temperature, humidity or media or… for the improvements.
Your choice… :slight_smile:

Note, a full burned (DVD+R) disc has 2,295,104 sectors.

Svm, in my experience with burning, then doing Disc Quality scans on Cd-DVD Speed or Plextools, I never saw any difference (more or less errors) when I used bitsetting to change my +R media to be recognized as a DVD-ROM when burned. It’s possible your ‘phenomenon’ is just the variable quality of MCC004. Sometimes you can have the top 50% burn well and the bottom 50% in a spindle burn below your normal results. I’ve seen ppl burn one DVD blank well, with the next burning like crap in comparison, but then all the blank medias after it were fine. There’s no way to say for sure, unless you turn the DVD over to the dye side and examine it under a light. If you see some lint, dust, or dye splotches, then those things could have caused the PIF spikes also. I’ve examined my DVD medias meticulously and sometimes found nothing to show why I had a huge PIF spike in one spot (no dust, lint, dye spotting, etc.), but when I rescanned it, it was still there. Even when the media appears defect-free to the eye, there could be something there causing the problem.

Yep, you guys are both right. I jumped the gun, I guess. Looks like a freak occurence, as quality is now more or less steady at 95.
Not too shabby, so I’ll leave the settings as is. :bigsmile: