Dw1640 === PX740




dw1640 -----> PX740 OK???


Yes, it’s old news. Use search button.


just a f/w limited 1640 stripped features.

can be flashed to a full 1640


With putting the arrow from BenQ DW1640 towards Plextor PX-740
do you mean flashing the 1640 into a PX-740
or the opposite way ?


You can flash PX-740 to DW1640 because there are DW1640 CVT files, but there’s no PX-740 CVT yet.

Newegg BenQ drives:

DW1620 bulk + $1 shipping = US$41
DW1625 bulk + $4 shipping = US$74

US$115 for both DW1620 and DW1625, cheaper than one DW1625 in South Korea. :sad: