DW1640 problems - your comments please

Just replaced an NEC2500A with the DW1640. Installed as master on second IDE with AOpen DVD-ROM as slave. 2 harddrives on the primary IDE. OS is w2k pro.

  1. The first time I powered on the PC, there was a squealing noise. Immediately powered off. Poked open the tray to check but did not find anything. Powered on and noise did not come up again. Is this some hardware problem.

  2. Upgraded firmware to BSLB successfully.

  3. Burned a data disk on a DVD+R. Worked fine.

  4. When trying to restart or shutdown PC, system hung on final blank window forever and had to switch off power. After some testing, found one way to get around this by disconnecting the DVD-ROM drive. Does this mean the Benq drive cannot coexist with another drive?

Anyone else have had similar experience?


As you can see by my sig below - I have almost the exact same setup on my work computer-

No problems and no worries-


If its any help, if the tray is not all the way closed, IE you opened it with paperclip to get disk out when its powered off , then closed the tray by hand. On power up it will squeal, or make kind of cat mewing sound. IF it has not done it since , most likely thats what happened. The tray was not closed all the way and on power on it reset to normal tray placement

Thanks for responses. The noise has not come up again. However, the hanging at shudown problem still persists if I have the AOpen DVD-ROM connected.

I also noticed that the green led is alway on when there is a disk inside. That does not appear normal, doesn’t it. It does flashes while reading/writing.

Do you think I should RMA the drive?

Solid green led on is indicating that there’s a disc inside, perfectly normal.