Dw1640 problem


Just got my 1640 from newegg, the firmware is bshb. I just burned a dvd, but my problem now is both my dvd/cdr combo and 1640 can’t read the disc. I am in the process of identifying the problems.
Just a quick question, the dvd/cdr combo I have can only read dvd-r single layer, if I set a dvd+r’s booktype to dvd-rom, can the disc be read in the combo drive?

btw the disc I used is ty02, just got them from bestbuy today. They have them for $10 for 25 pack


Are they really TY media? Under what brand were they bought? also what is the serial number on the disc?

they are legit. it is fuji film 8x, mij. disc label starts with tg00

never mind, it seems the 1st disc is defected.

another question: when you do a quality scan in nero cd-dvd speed, how long will it generally take? b/c mine doesn’t seem to do anything (I waited for 20min+ using 8x).
btw dw1640 is inside an enclosure using prolific 3507 chipset. Is it even possible to do a quality scan for burners enclosed in an enclosure?