DW1640 Pretty sure something is horribly wrong

i used to have a benq 822a that eventually died on me after a while (got it used from a friend…so i dind’t look too much into its reliability) so i decided to get a 1640

got one off newegg, oem, has the benq logo and everything so everythigns good there

however, everytime i try to copy/read cds/dvds it just dies after a while. Tried burning from nero and that worked fine, but it just seems to stop spinning after a minute.

im not too knowledgeable about burners in general but heres my cd-dvd speed test

edit: image doestn’ seem to be showing up but heres the hyperlink:

Sorry, but the link doesn’t work either

Use the “disc info” tab in cd dvd speed, and post the MID code, which identifies the manufacturer. Your problem is probably due to bad media, which can probably be improved by changing some of the variables available ie. burn speed, wopc, solid burn, writing strategy. The benq 1640 is an awesome drive once you learn all the possibilities. :slight_smile:

You can also run the Disk Quality test. This will display the read errors up to the point where the disk becomes unreadable. It will also give the Media ID.

SONY08d1 is my mid code…im not too familiar with all this so how can i improve it?

That’s not the best media in the world but it should be readable if burnt in the 1640. See here :


please post a disk quality test if possible.

What speed did you burn the disk at?

Make sure dma is on and use an 80 wire idecable.

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1640
Firmware: BSMB
Disc: DVD-R (SONY08D1)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 124
Average: 29.63
Total: 409419
PI failures
Maximum: 81
Average: 19.89
Total: 288972
PO failures: 566192
Maximum: 15.7 %
Average: 10.33 %
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 9:31
Number of samples: 16912
Average scanning interval: 8.25 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

my benchmark remained the same, dying after a while
burning at 8x ( i believe, the media is 8x and i just popped it and hit test, no overspeed that i know of), using the right ide cable, set at dma2?
this dvd-r was burned using this drive

i tried using another media, i believe this was a 4x dvd+r that my friend gave me

and here is the quality test for the same media

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1640
Firmware: BSMB
Disc: DVD+R (AML 001)
Selected speed: Maximum
PI errors
Maximum: 779
Average: 249.93
Total: 3906225
PI failures
Maximum: 1139
Average: 102.01
Total: 1553620
PO failures: 450004
Maximum: 22.5 %
Average: 12.77 %
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 10:08
Number of samples: 16806
Average scanning interval: 8.38 ECC
Glitches removed: 0

for the sony dvd-r the drive sounds like it spins up, goes for a minute and then dies. for the other dvd+r it jsut seems to spin up and down, so never really starting up

Lastly, here is a disc quality of a cd i have…theres a 700 meg video file that i can watch fine but can’t seem to transfer to my computer, just stops halfway through transfer

These picture are so mini that no body can read them to make any comment that might help you. If you display regular size of graphs or picture. that can be read easily.

If you click the image, it will display full size.

You might try exchanging the drive. Those scans look awful. There’s loads of errors there. Although, you’re not using great media in the first place. but I don’t think that’s the problem. (Well if the Sony media is actual Sony media, it probably is quality media though several cheap manufacturers use that Sony MID code on their crap media.)

I had a 1640 that suddenly started going south recently. It would burn fine, but had trouble reading. Scans in the 1640 were awful, but scans in my other drive looked great. My DVD players had no problems reading the media either, so I figured something was wrong with the 1640. I RMA’ed it through NewEgg (where I bought it) and the replacement is working much better.

There seems to be some reliability issues with the drive, unfortunately. Looks like you might have gotten a bad one.

Thanks thegdog for the clarification.

I am in opinion that your drive may be defective one since none of your scans you have posted are readable or even playable. If you have purchaseed the drive under 30 days you better call newegg and ask for replacemnt they are very reasonable and customer focus people.

I agree with others here, this doesn’t look good. But before RMA-ing try this.

First, reflash your firmware then download and install QSuite2.1. Read QSuite manual (linky ). Execute app and enable SolidBurn for “known media”. Burn a disc at its rated speed.

With your next post also attach info output from Nero InfoTool.
Unzip, and extract to folder of choice. Execute and click the small diskette symbol at top “save”. In next window click Save. By default a .txt file will be saved in same folder as InfoTool.
When posting just use attachment function.

Testing the drive in other computer might also be usefull. :wink:

here it is

one more thing…would anyone know if newegg does warehouse pickups? b/c i’m going back home soon for a month…so if i rma now not sure how im gonna be able to receive the package, and home just so happens to be like a 5 min drive from their address

The bad news is newegg don’t have so called pickup policy and that is the only drawback with newegg. Mwave.com has this policy and they also located close by newegg.