DW1640 on Linux?

i’m just thinking about exchanging my Plextor 716A by a Benq DW1640.

The problem with the Plextor drive is the compatibility when running Linux. I can’t set the correct write speed on k3b and cannot format DVD-RWs with it.

Anyone has some experience running the DW1640 on Linux? Is it possible to set the write speed in k3b and format RWs?
And is it possible to set the SolidBurn feature and bitset it to DVD-ROM even when I boot to linux or are the settings reset after a reboot?
Is there some software to measure the quality of the burn for this drive? I’ve seen screenshots with Nero, does it support checking quality scans with the 1640?
And is there some software support for scans on linux? That would surely be the greatest :slight_smile: The only feature that lets me keep my Plex drive is the Plextools software on windows.

Ok, so much for now, maybe someone can help.


I can confirm that my Plextor 712a had/has problems under k3b. Apparently there’s an issue with mkisofs that causes an error message with DVD-R. Since k3b uses cdrecord for DVD+R, the issue doesn’t come up with that media. I don’t know if that issue also applies to my BenQ 1640…

As for formatting, k3b didn’t recognize a DVD-RW (VIDEO) disc that was inserted into the 712a. But the BenQ 1640 did recognize it and was willing to format it (under “force” because it had already been formatted once). Both drives had no problem with the DVD+RW disc.

I had no problems selecting the correct burn speed on the PX712a, but that was a DVD+R (Ritek R03). I haven’t tried yet under linux, so I can’t tell you if the BenQ does. I’d bet it does, though.

Scanning, well, you might want to keep your PX716a after all. AFAIK, the only linux program to do that is “pxlinux”, which is a i686 port of CDFreak Alexnoe’s “PXScan/PXView” programs for windows - and it might only work on Plextors (again, haven’t tried on BenQ 1640 yet). GNUPlot is used to show the results. Not pretty, but there you go.

You can get pxlinux here:


along with some .png screenshots that show what it looks like. I think you’ll need gcc to compile it as I don’t think it’s (rpm etc) packaged.

Below, is what I saw when I chose “format” under Tools|DVD in k3b, for both DVD+RW and DVD-RW:

Thanks for your answer!

I’m only burning to DVD+R media, so I didn’t try -R at all on this device. My problem with the burning speed is the following: I choose to burn at 12x because of all the current problems with the Plextor burning at 16x. But the drive ignores it and burns at 16x. I have to “force” the media to be accepted every time I begin to burn a disc. Otherwise, k3b won’t recognize the media as empty (with the 716A). If I try to format a +RW disc, k3b doesn’t even recognize a medium and ejects the tray every time when I press “format”.
I hope to have these problems solved when going for the 1640 because of the SolidBurn feature. I hope I can always set it to burn at 16x and the drive tries to get the optimal speed from the medium. Because of that i asked the question with the resetting.

As for pxlinux, i tried that some time ago and it seems to give some good results, but as the name “px…” suggests i don’t think it’ll work with the Benq drive. I could live with booting to win32 to check a disc if the Benq drive gives good results when scanning.

Can you confirm that your 712 did write at the (max.) speed which was set in k3b? I can’t control it here reliably. It’s such a pity, this drive was so expensive and shortly after Plextor started its campaign against os software…i would have chosen another drive if i knew that earlier.

Thanks for the links anyway, gonna do some research for Benq tools.


Come to think of it, I do seem to recall waiting around a really long time for the burn to complete, almost as if it was 4x or maybe even 2x. I just ran k3b and stuck a Ritek R03 in the 712 and then selected “determine supported writing speeds”. It came back and said “No writeable CD media inserted” :doh: And, of course, the choices for manual selection were all CD (and not DVD) writing speeds. A certain amount of masochism seems necessary no matter what 'nix distro you have…:rolleyes:

edit: same :doh: result for the BenQ 1640…

My k3b is from last year (ver 0.11.14). Maybe I’ll take a trip over to www.k3b.org and see if a newer version is more promising.

Yip, that’s absolutely correct :slight_smile: That’s the adventure you have when running os soft :slight_smile: Some glitches seem to be normal…

Hmm, that does actually not sound too promising :slight_smile: I have 0.12.2 running here, that should be a pretty new version. Hmm, don’t wanna buy a new burner just to find out it’s not supported by k3b either :slight_smile:


Well, there’s a CDFreaks thread here:


Where someone says the 1640 and Debian Sarge (I think) get along OK with k3b. I also saw some external links that say that cdrecord is no good, use growisofs (which k3b doesn’t) instead.

Google is our friend … :slight_smile: