DW1640 OEM vs Retail

@ can you tell me if the GSHB firmware from The Dangerous Bros. a riplock removed version and is it that much dufferent from BSJB.

Well, since it’s GSHB, it’s a much older version than BSJB, possibly even the same thing as BSHB. And there is no riplock, on any firmware.

I was told I needed Media Code Edit Tool to disable riplock on BenQ 1640. I should be recieving the drive on Thursday.

Nope, no difference. When BenQ had a big problem with 1620 failing very early they were not discriminating; OEMs and Retail were both dead with painful regularity.

So far there is no report of any similar problem with the 1640.

Now I am confused, I thought the BenQ 1640 had a riplock on dual layer pressed discs, if their is no Riplock what is Ala42 removing with his Media Code Edit tool.

Just got my dw1640 from Newegg.
Bare drive no box
May 2005

Outdated OEM Nero disk

1640 is on top of tower 1620 below the Aopen.

The only physical difference is the eject button is smaller on the 1640.

Thanks…that answered my question…How long did the drive take to arrive?


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but MCSE is for changing writing strategies and burn speeds, isn’t it?

dsdarli: Did you overnight that thing?

Speed Lock. =) Rip Lock is a reading speed limitation for the DVD Video disc only (either SL or DL)… Speed lock is an overall reading speed limitation for a DVD type present in almost any todays DVD drive. =)

Benq 1640 Retail = smooth shinny front with BENQ in bold letters. Their is also a thin eject button.

Benq 1640 OEM = matte plastic finish with no name on front and a big eject button. Hopefully a 20.00 price difference.

New Egg link:

I`m curious to see if it can be flashed as a Plextor drive.

This would be the first bargin available from Plextor and I think they will try to stop that from occuring.


LoL!!! The PLEXTOR 740A is a REBADGED BENQ 1640. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Ordered the drive on Monday at 2:17 pm pst. It shipped that day, which I wasn’t expecting, from La Puente, CA. And since I’m in Spokane, Wa. I usually get Newegg stuff in 2 days even though it is scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

MCSE “Read Speed Settings” basically removes riplock most of the time.

I just got mine from newegg too. I ordered monday and it shipped that same day. It came with BSHB but I flashed it to BSJB. It also says MIC May 2005. Now to do some testing.

Cool… I think I ordered pretty late on Monday, didn’t ship until yesterday. Oh well! It’s in Newark already, getting closer…

here’s mine in INDIANAPOLIS, IN … i think it’s going to arrive thursday or friday :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine said coming from cali…wtf happened to NJ?, i’m from Ct, so monday delivery…THAT SUCKS!!

Ordered one today…shipped at 4:20PST today (8/3)…Fedex tracking says delivery on 8/8…oh well…bad timing I guess…


Got mine today. Now I just have to visit the BenQ site and figure out what software they have there for it. The NERO disc is all that came with my OEM beige drive… (yeah I know, I COULD HAVE HAD 2 MORE SCREWS!) -I like need any more screws LOL!

I just had a look at their site. What software do you download to use with the 1640? They have a bunch of stuff there it looks like.


I can personally gurantee that the BenQ 1640 with any firmware off the website will rip i pressed disc at upto 16x. Would send you a screenshot but i aint at home at the mo.

There are two types of pressed discs, single layer and dual layer. You need to specify which one you are refering to as DL is always slower than SL.