DW1640 insists on dropping burning speed for Fujifilm ProdiscF01 to 4x

Hi, all.

Someone I know is having this strange problem. His DW1640 burns DAXON AZ2 (BenQ branded DVD+R) fine at 8x. But when using Fujifilm ProdiscF01 DVD-R 8x, Nero first simulated at real 8x speed but just after the real burning has started, the drive spun up and paused a bit before started burning and the real-time speed had from that point dropped to 4x and remained 4x throughtout. This happened to every disc from the same spindle he has burned.

From the screenshots you will see that Nero tells the drive to burn at 8x but the drive somehow drops the speed to 4x. Any ideas of what causes this problem?

CDSpeed also burned this ProdiscF01 at 4x.

Latest firmware didn’t help.

This is where the drive paused, and the speed dropped to 4x. Looks like something happened during the burning of the Lead-in and caused the speed to drop.

Look at how Nero still thinks it is burning the disc at 8x! (Total time and Remaining time)

Now it knows.

This is DAXON AZ2. Burned fine at 8x.

Does CDSpeed also burn at 4X creating data disk NOT from iso?
I know this (BSMB) firmware is capable of burning this media at 8X, but I don’t recommend burning at 8X because of high PIF

But, how does the media fare in a quality scan?

My ProdiscF01 worked okay when it was fresh, and worse when it aged a few months, never great. None of them dropped to 4x, but my drive has done that on an occasional, poor RITEKG05.

By the way, Nero doesn’t display the actual write speed without a registry hack. Poke around on the forums and you can find it.


He said that the BenQ drive recognized the disc as a blank disc but a DVD-ROM drive read it fine. I’ll get screenshots of CDSpeed.

I believe those were all actual speeds. Notice that they did change. Didn’t remain constant.

Ah, I see. I didn’t look at all the screens in detail, but I saw your “Look at how Nero still thinks it is burning the disc at 8x!” comment and just assumed.