DW1640 incoming - which drive to ditch?

I just placed an order on a BenQ DW1640. Yeay, I’m excited as it is my first DVD-burner!! :o Anyway…as I already have four IDE-drives (two harddrives and two optical drives) I have to get rid of one of my trustworthy LiteOns. The question is which one?

DVD-reader: LiteOn (or JLMS) XJ-HD166s. I’ve heard it’s a really good ripper. True?
CD-burner: LiteOn LTR-48125s. Not a single coaster. Love this burner.

I will continue to burn a lot of CDs, mostly audio-CDs, and start making backups of my DVD-movies.
So, which one is the smartest to get rid of according to my needs, to make room for my new DW1640?

And by the way, some of you list 5-10 burners in your signature. Do you have several computers just crammed with optical drives?? :confused:

Most people do it with something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16815124022

If you are going to be ripping alot of dvds I would keep the dvd-rom drive in. If you are going to be burning tons of cds, I would keep the cd bruner in. It all depends on what you will be doing. Or, you could buy something similar to what I just posted and keep all three :wink: But I honestly would just leave the dvd-rom drive in if it was me.

I have the XJ-HD166s and there have been a few dvd’s that the 1640 just wouldn’t rip completely (scratched etc) and the Lite-on came through. I pulled my plextor 12x10x32 to put in the BenQ and seems to be good combo for me.

I got rid of my 166S because it is a slow DL ripper!!! But I have three burners so …
The benq is not very good for games copy. but it is a very fast ripper (used with the right FW).
If you plan to backup some cd games protected, than keep your liteon. If not, than keep your JLMS.
The best is to keep all of them…

Bichonn, out of curiosity what did you pick up to replace the 166S?

Another possibility is to put your dvd reader or your CD burner on an external USB/firewire case. I suggest you to put external your DVD reader to leave cd burner on IDE channel.

here’s an easy answer: use 'em all! Use any old spare computer and stack it with older drives, or else go SATA and use all your IDE ports for optical drives.
Unless you’re already out of spaces to put your hard drives… that I could understand.
But if you have to ditch one, why not get rid of the DVD-reader?

a liteon 1693S

Choix faible

Tu parles!!! L’un des meilleurs rippeur!

If you have the room in your case, you could also get an add-in IDE card. Then you could keep the 5 drives. I suggest good cooling in the case as lots of IDE drives can usually raise the temperature in the case. Although I currently have 2 optical drives and 6 hard drives and they’re all happy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all helpful replies!

I decided to further investigate the controller card route and a friend of mine kindly offered to give me a ASUS PCI-ULTRA66c for free.

Would this suffice for the CD-burner or is ATA-66 too slow?

(BTW, got my 1640 yesterday. Works like a charm!)

If it supports ODDs, it should be OK.

My best reader is an old Pioneer 16x ROM drive in another PC. If anything can read a duff disc that is the drive to use. I also have the Lite-on 166 ROM drive and it is K for most but still fails on some duff media.