DW1640 hang at layer change, fw issue?

Hey fellas!

I’ve searched for this but cant find any info…

I’m trying to burn some RiDisc branded RICOHJPND01 (8x) media in the DW1640 but it stops recording at the layerchange, and a coaster is born!

Have you experienced anything like that? Any ideas?

I’m using latest TDB FW BGRB. Some report BSLB is the best DL FW but since these discs are a bit newer I thought maybe it wouldnt be such a great idea to downgrade.

Appreciate the help /Mike

My best guest is the media problem, RICOHJPND01 varies a lot meaning that not all discs are good to burn even from the same spindle or batch. This can also happen to Verbatim dual/double layer but most of the time they are good.

I recommend trying Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL (MID=MKM001), Verbatim 8x DVD+R DL (MKM003) or Maxell 2.4x DVD+R DL (MKM001). All should be marked Made in Singapore.

Regarding firmware, I would recommend the latest firmware for burning dual/double layer media.

Thanks for the info.

I would like to add that a disc from the same cake, burned nicely on a Pioneer DVR-111D 8.29. This was pretty disappointing for me because I always thought that BenQ had the best compatibility. Grrrr… I hate to be proven wrong.


I just burnt my first DVD coaster. In the three years I have burnt DVDs, I have never had a coaster. Today I downgrade the firmware for my BenQ 1640 to BSLB and the first disc is a coaster. I switched back to BSOB and the burn process is now running again on a new disc. I hope this one doesn’t become a coaster as well. I have only sparingly used the 1640 so I doubt its the drive.

Forgot to mention, the media a Verbatim 2.4X dual layer discs made in Singapore. The burn process was burning at 4x although the burn at 8x option was there, I had chosen 4x like I always do.


Oh! and Sony DL+ is also Ritek. I burned my Verb @ 4x , so far so good.

Not always, see videohelp.com/dvdmedia