DW1640 Firmware Upgrade Issue

I recently purchased a baredrive Benq DW-1640 from Newegg w/ BSHB firmware. I’m using it in an ext enclosure with a firewire (IEEE1394) interface to my Sony NV-170 laptop running XP (home, SP2, all updates). The drive is configured as a slave to work with the inerface bridge. The unit seems to work fine with Nero, and various utilities I’ve run.

I tried upgrading the firmware using the Benq .exe file for BSLB. The application said it had updated succesfully, but when I check (after restarting computer, powering down and back up the drive), it still reports BSHB firmware. Any ideas?

I don’t see Solidburn as an option with Qsuite either…

Thanks in advance, Murray

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly in general when flashing an external DVDRW such as BenQ’s 1640. It’s best to do this via USB. If this is not an option, can you connect to an internal IDE for flashing purposes’.
For support of Solid Burn/OverSpeed f/w’s BSKB onwards is required.(BSLB/BSMB)
For external use BEFB f/w may suit better as this is intended for BenQ’s own external drive 164B.
QSuite 2.1 is a useful aid that allows user access to function controls such as Solid Burn/OverSpeed etc.
For QSuite Manual.
For f/w 1640
For f/w 164B

Thanks. The ext enclosure only has firewire, I’ll have to put the drive in another system to operate it straight IDE. Why is the firmware updater sensitive to interface?

Hi :slight_smile:
Not 100% sure but in BenQ’s case their external drives are USB & the f/w favours USB as a result. If your case has the prolific chipset, this itself may be flashable. The latest flash will allow flashing of drives via firewire. Have a look at this thread the last couple of pages especially.