DW1640 firmware BSOB -NEW!

Congratulation agent009; you got the best out of shaky and second graded media with those nice burned. What was the seting during those burning?.

Come on. Surely you didn’t mean the TYG02s… and AE1 has always been good to me, several brands of it, in several burners. Get a load of this: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=936141&postcount=46

The settings for both burns were WOPC on, SB on, OS on, but burn speed limited to 8x by software.

No I was refering to your %98 scan out of CMC E01 that is very good one. Once I was using Teon DVD+R (4X) & (8X) with MID CMC E01 which wasn’t really bad but I could say was considered as grade “B” media. Also I had Philips DVD+R (8X) with the same MID CMC E01.

These were AE1 burns. You should try AE1 -R media, I’ve had much better results with them than with E01 +R. M01 16x +R, in the other hand, has been better than AM3 16x -R. That’s been my experience.

Thanks I will try the -R one see how it is going to turn out. I personally haven’t seen any -R media with MID as CMC E01 but I look for it.

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Interesting for me is that BSOB works better with MCC 03 than BSNB. But BSNB better with MCC 004 than BSOB.
A couple of “typical” BSOB scans with MCC 004. Written @ 12x, time taken 6.30, SB/OS/WOPC all enabled.
Final scan/first scan, after returning to BSNB using .exe. Memory left intact. If I then return to BSOB, scans return to those as seen in 1 & 2.


Hewlett-Packard 8x dvd-r brand are CMC AE1, 8x dvd+r are CMC E01

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For results of BSNB.exe flash back see. :sad:
I glad I kept 1 drive flashed to BSNB. I might try the other drive flashed to BSOB for MCC 03. Keeping BSNB for MCC 004.

zebadee, do you think that BSOB change any strategies compared to BSNB? I think not, at least not for the old known media such as MCC004. There are very small differences in your tests.

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No I don’t think that strats are changed. But flashing process appears to affect the result. Unless stated otherwise .exe flashing used.
Regarding small differences, I was getting QS 99% PIE less than 9 (total) PIE less than 5 (total) Jitter less than 10% (max) with BSNB. With BSOB QS 95% at best PIE less than 20 (total) PIF less than 20 (total) Jitter less than 15% (total). Perhaps more importantly is the consistancy that I get with BSNB (variation of around 1% throughout). BSOB appears to be less consistant (variation of upto 10% max - 5% typical). I appreciate that there are many who would like to get the results I’ve had with BSOB. To me it’s relative, I’m just relaying my experience. Notice I don’t claim any f/w better than any other. That’s for the individual to decide.

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Having gone back successfully (eventually) to BSNB (see here) Have returned to BSOB using .cvt & BSNB > BSGB > BSOB route, (using Quikee’s BQFlasher) the result. See scan. :bigsmile:

no locked drive here :slight_smile: haven’t tried burning discs on this firmware yet
but it did fix the problem i had with a small handfull of purchased dvds that are by paramount home entertainment (charmed season 1 to 4, sex and the city season 3 to 6… season 1 & 2 never had any problem)

now to go through all 445 of my retails :doh:

After going BEGB (CVT using Q’s BQ flasher) > BSGB (CVT using Q’s BQ flasher) > BSOB (exe using Q’s BQ flasher) the burns are now better.

Verbatim MCC 004, WOPC on, Solidburn On Known & Unknown, Overspeed On, 12x, CD Speed 4.10.

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Dalen Quaice

Good to see you getting something like the results you deserve for all your input. I’ve no factual explanation why this sequence appears to work some of the time. But I believe my scans are proof it works for me.

It has to be the firmware. 1620’s had the same issue (only worse - the drops happened every so many MB’s through the entire scan) until the release of B7W9, which cured it.

BSOB flashed from the now well-known Z sequence (BSGB CVT -> BSOB)

My first 3 burns with unbranded TY G02 batch 110 in around 8mn 40.

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Looking good there Sapa. :clap: :cool:

Thanks Z !
My drive shows more PIFs than yours.
I take it that it is more accurate lol !

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I’ve bribed mine to under report such things. :bigsmile: