DW1640 firmware BSOB -NEW!

Flashed already in my firmware tester drive soon I let you know…

Interested too.

Second link is’nt working now.

Hi :wink:
Fourth burn. Yay.

Nice (4th burn) but better at 12x (3rd).

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You can now see fourth scan. The media I’m using is Infiniti branded & Verbatim branded. The issuse of 16x/12x almost alternates (50/50) with the Infiniti. With Verbatim it’s more like 60/40 (16x=60/12x=40). This happens regardless of flashing approach used.
Going from BSNB to BSOB using .exe & keeping learned memory seems to be almost on a par with the BSGB to BSOB .cvt. If there’s any difference, I would say the .cvt has the edge. But whereas with previous f/w this for me was noticable. PIE/PIF could drop by 40% on ave, QS up 3/5% max, 3% typical. Now it’s more like PIE/PIF reduced by 5% max 2% typical, QS up by 2/3% max 1/2% typical. So even harder to say if there’s any benefit & if there is, then probably not worth the bother. Having said that I’ve only tried MCC 03 so far. Patching ala42’s MCSE has no adverse effects for those who wish to use it.

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This is what I’ve found. When using MCC for backups, I always set to 12x. :iagree:
Gonna play around with MCC 004 for a while now. :bigsmile:

EWWWW! Verbatim branded MCC 004, 16x, Solidburn on known-unknown, Overspeed On, WOPC On.

Coaster. :frowning:

Try to leave SB settings by DEFAULT and try another one at 12x



Hi all.

After reading some of your media test, I would like to know if it is better to stick
with BSMB, until BenQ could Fix the read speed dropoffs on DL media…that apparently it is still in the new BSOB firmware.



Printable TYG02

Burnt at 12x

Benq 1640 BSOB

SB/OS/WOPC all on

Flashed straight from BSLB to BSOB, first burn
Media:Verbatim 16x dvd+r (MCC 004 )
Software:create data disk
Burn speed:12x
Burn time:6.11
QSuite settings:by default

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@bkf: Merry Christmas to you and your family. I am also staying with BSLB and BEFB with my two 1640s. I really would like to know what causes that read curve drop at about 130mbs in the scan with this firmware and the previous version. Is it in the firmware or is it in the scanning program CD-DVD Speed that picks up this error? I have no idea. But I do know I don’t get it with BSLB and BEFB so until they iron that out I will stay put.

Media:Sony 8x dvd+r (TY T02)
Firmware:BSOB MCSE speedpatched (TY T02@TY T03)
Software:create data disk
Burn speed:12x
Burn time:6.09
QSuite settings:by default

Media:Verbatim 16x dvd+r (MCC 004 )
Software: Nero 6
Burn speed:12x
Burn time:6.32
QSuite settings:by default

Looks like back to BSLB for me! Better than 16x, but still not all that inspiring. :Z

First burns on MCC004,& TYG02. Verbatim & FujiFilm brand. :slight_smile:
WOPC=on SB=on OS=on.

Gone back to BSLB
Verbatim 16X DVD-R, MIT, MID: MCC03 RG20
OS: Off, SB/WOPC: Both(On) activated.
Burned @12X.

BSOB works just as well as BSLB or any of the later firmwares, over here.

Here is Memorex-branded 8x -R CMC MAG. AE1, and Fujifilm-branded 8x -R TYG02, both burned at 8x with SolidBurn turned on for known media.