DW1640 firmware BSOB -NEW!

nice, so the learned write strats burn the same too eh? Thats good, ill just flash it tomorrow. I hate wasting disks to learn with sb. Still wish i just stayed at BSLB. :frowning:

skuDZ, i’ve only done that one burn so far with BSOB…sooo…

…since it was with a “Known” MID where it’s still debatable as to whether SolidBurn actually “learned” anything for future burns (based on those done under BSNB) i can’t conclusively say that the firmware version has any impact on the burn quality outside an inherently good write strat for a high quality MID…

ok, that’s a terribly verbose and confusing way to put it but hopefully you and some others get my drift…

Figured that I had nothing to lose by trying it. My 16X burn quality has been going downhill for some time now…since BSMB. I was averaging Q scores of around 93-94 with BSNB. My first burn after BSOB went to 75. I am not a happy puppy right now. Am doing a DL burn with Verbatim as I type this. Will post the results when I’m done. BTW…yes Q Scan works with BSOB and so far, all my Verbatim 16X + and -R media fails the test at 16X. Q scan only passes the media at 12X or lower. So much for 16X media…


No need to use bandwith posting pictures of 0 quality burns. I am going to flash back to BSLB and hope for the best. If that doesn’t work…I have a totally useless Benq 1640 and will be glad to stick it in a drawer where it will stay cold for a long time…I am done with this junker. Guess I’m gonna have to go back and trust my Plextor PX-716A again…at least I get Quality scores around 95-97%…I can live with that. I just had so many problems with my first four…that I never really put my trust in the model again. Guess it’s put up or shut up time. I have never been overwhelmed, positively, by this BENQ drive


can’t you just flash back?

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What is the diference between the BSOB (948 KB) Normal and the called Retail only for B series (972 KB)?

http://support.benq.com/files/storage/Firmware/DVDRW/DW1640/BSOB.zip 948 KB




Hi :slight_smile:
Just a glimpse of first disc using BSOB. Look at first scan, notice anything.
Write speed 16x SB/OS/WOPC all enabled. Flash ugrade straight from BSNB to BSOB. Learned memory left intact.

I think I have noticed enough to stick with BSLB. I hate that read curve dip at 135 mbs. BEGB has it also.

I backflashed to BSLB on mine…getting 0% with 4.7 GB Verbatim DVD+R and 70% on the DL Verbatim burned at 8X. I guess my question is why burn slower…if I wanted slower speeds I could have remained with my NEC ND-3500A which did incredible 16X burns and also 4X DL at great quality. This drive is really questionable to me. Now I am going to cross fiash it to Plextor PX-740A…since their firmwares are pretty conservative

The 740’s FW is an old version of the 1640’s, according to ala42. And simply stripped of Qsuite features.

Thats exactly right, its the old 1.01(BSHB), if you look at the media codes and the speeds when you load the firmware into MCSE you will see that that are exactly the same.

Personally I’m sticking with BSMB, until the read speed dropoff’s on DL media is fixed. Its still in BSOB.

Hey Alan: Merry Christmas to you and everybody else here as well. Im staying with BSLB. My matched pair are as snug as a couple of bugs in a rug. They are doing fine and work well with the media im still using. I got 100 G02’s that I have not even opened up yet. Will do so when the others are gone. I can not understand why it appears that firmware writing takes on some sort of magical effort. By now you would think someone could get it right.

Here’s my take at BSOB.
16x Verbatim MCC 004. Burned at 12x. SB On/On, WOPC On, OS Off. When upgraded from BSNB to BSOB i left the learned media alone so it was still in there from BSNB. Burn was worse than BSNB.

Hi :wink:
SB/OS disabled WOPC on.

Hi :wink:
Flashed BSGB > BSOB. SB/OS/WOPC all enabled. First burn.

Hi :wink:
As previous post. Second burn.

Hi :wink:
As before, third burn. Although set to max speed 16x, write done at 12x.

Interested to see what 4th burn will be… at 16 or at 12x. :stuck_out_tongue:

And even more interesting, does this also happen when you go from prior SB f/w to latest BSOB. :wink: