DW1640 firmware BSOB -NEW!


  1. Fixed DVD-DL PTP format disc cannot be played issue in BSNB.

Also QVideo_2_(V5.2.3.23)


Has anyone tryed this firmware yet. It must be minutes old because it wasn’t there 2 hours ago.

I tried it. It locked my drive.

I wonder what is the new BenQ tool "QVideo2, is all about what suppose to do, I tried to downloaded take one hour to do 53 MB download so I gave-up.

Thanks, I think I will wait for somemore feedback before I flash away my BSLB. They didn’t update BEGB for some reason.

:eek: I’m still using BSLB.

@TCAS: I think it is a Video player like Nero Showtime.

“Locked your drive”… Elaborate, please?

Downloaded BSOB from BenQ site flashed the drive and opened it once. I closed the tray and it would not open but made grinding noises. Iflashed agin with BSOB same result. Iflashed BSNB and it seems to work so far.

interesting that flashing to BSOB DID NOT clear the EEPROM MID table nor change any QSuite settings (i.e. SB, OS)…

Seems like a lot of BS from BenQ. I think BSLB was best.

It only fixes the Dual Layer Parallel Track Path detect problem as reported by Ala42 in another thread.

Not worth the time to flash the drive. BUT, I did and Dr. No is now recognized.
Now back to BSLB…

i’m burning, what else, a YUDEN000 T02 @ 12x (ISO image) with it…will post scan shortly…

did not “lock up” my drive whatsoever (tray’s fine, qscan works, i’m watching it burning a disc right now)…

quality scan read curve dip ~135MB is still around…

edit re: qvideo:
BenQ QVideo 2.0 - The Easy Way to Create a Personal DVD
Creating your own personal DVD disc from a TV, DV, or AV source is now easier than ever. With QVideo 2.0, making your own DVD is simple, and it’s in real time!

edit #2: BSOB burns YUDEN000 T02 fine for me based on this first disc:

I hope this gets added to mediaspeedcodeedit…

EDIT: also i do not see this firmware here http://www.benq-eu.com/serviceandsupport/downloads/downloads.cfm?product=750&type=B

About firmware updates…

If I were BenQ, I don’t think I would have even looked at modifying any of the write strategies for Taiyo Yuden, MCC, Maxell etc since, oh, BSKB or so. I very much doubt if they’re interested in turning QS 95 burns into QS 99 burns, but instead spend their effort on real problem areas like having adequate strategies in place for emerging 8x, 16x, and DL media. Or on swatting bugs like Qsuite Qscan and DL PTP problems.

Mind you, that doesn’t explain why jitter seemed to rise for some with the last two new firmwares, unless it was something systemic and not to do with any one particular strat.

i guess if they leave all else the same except for fixing bugs, why the heck not flash to the latest :wink:

like i already mentioned to you ftp, if it aint broke…tweak it 'til it does break :eek: :wink:

works fine for me - flashed it, data backup and quality scan are fine

drpino, did u erase your learned media or no? did u upgrade with exe or cvt?

i did not erase my learned media and i used the .exe flasher from the benq.com global site…

Quite true. The only MID I’ve seen a dramatic improvement on yet is FUJIFILM03, when they overhauled the DVD-R write strategy in BSMB.