DW1640 does not appear in Nero CD-DVD Speed

All of the sudden my BenQ DW1640 (BSRB) is no longer showing up in Nero’s CD-DVD Speed (latest version as well as older versions).

I use CD-SPEED to run Disc Quality scanning tests on discs burned on my LG gsa-h62n SATA drive.

The DW1640 is showing up in Windows (Device Mgr) , QSuite v2.1 shows the DW1640 just fine.

The 1640 also is detected by Nero Burning Rom, the Nero Info Tool and Nero’s Drive-Speed tool (v4).

This info may help in assisting me in figuring out how to let CD-SPEED see the 1640 again:

With DVD Identifier v5.01 I can see one issue - when the System ASPI layer is chosen (forced in the settings) - the 1640 is not detected (though my LG drive is detected).

When “System SPTI Interface” is chosen, the 1640 and the LG are both detected.

So from DVD Identifier I can see that when SPTI is chosen as the “interface” in the settings the 1640 shows up - but when the System ASPI layer is chosen only the LG drive is detected.

Does the CD-SPEED tool depend on the ASPI layer (solely and not SPTI) in order to detect drives? This may explain why the 1640 isn’t showing up in the Nero CD-SPEED tool.

But what’s weird is that ASPI is setup on my machine (passes the ASPIchk.exe test, v4.71.2) and even when ASPI is chosen in the DVD Identifier Settings (forced ASPI detection) the LG drive shows up - but not the 1640 - so it’s not like ASPI is the problem or the LG drive wouldn’t show up (just the 1640 isn’t showing up).

One other diff between the LG drive and the 1640 - the 1640 of course is an IDE drive and the LG SATA.

I haven’t made any changes to my system and both drives have always worked well in every way together for over a year (my board is 650i based, P6N Platinum by MSI).

Actually thinking about it - there has been one change - new 650i SLI chip-set / system drivers were released a month ago by NVidia and I installed them 2 weeks ago - I haven’t used CD-SPEED in a while - possibly the problem started when I updated the NVidia chip-set drivers but I can’t see how this could affect what’s happening (because it’s just CD-SPEED that can’t detect the 1640 - well that and if I force DVD Identifier to force only ASPI detection).

Anyone have any idea of how I can get CD-SPEED to detect my 1640 again? I’d like to run Disc Quality scans (the LG doesn’t support this).

Again, I can burn discs with Nero using the 1640 - it’s just that CD-SPEED cannot see the 1640 anymore.

Thanks for any assistance!

Examples of DVD Identifier detecting my two drives (or only one - the LG)

DVD Identifier forcing ASPI only (detects only the LG):

[05:37:43] DVD Identifier V5.0.1
[05:37:43] Initializing Drive Interface [System ASPI]
[05:37:44] System ASPI Drive Interface Successfully Initialized
[05:37:44] 1 Supported Drive Found (Out Of 1 Available Drive)

DVD Identifier on AUTO or SPTI (detects both the 1640 and LG)::confused:

[05:51:02] DVD Identifier V5.0.1
[05:51:02] Initializing Drive Interface [Auto-Select ASPI/SPTI]
[05:51:02] SPTI Drive Interface Successfully Initialized
[05:51:02] 2 Supported Drives Found (Out Of 2 Available Drives)

I finally resolved this issue - I reverted to a previous image of my machine - the 1640 is now once again working with CDSPEED.