DW1640 - BSKB Horrible Quality for RW-Media



Here a comparison between BSJB and BSKB with the same Disk RicohJPN W21. Burn Speed was 8x. Solidburn: default off. Overspeed default off. WOPC on.
This Disk is now a Coaster :Z , going back to BSJB i was not able to format or rewrite with DW1640 (BSJB) or DW800A.

Anybody similar experience with RW-Media?


Hi :slight_smile:
The problem with BSKB & Solid Burn is that it tends to need at least one run writing before showing anything like its best results. I know you left Solid Burn off, but I’m not familiar with the media. What speed rating is it / does the writer fully support this media? Even though you say you had OverSpeed turned off, aren’t you still speeding up recording speed?


Medium was Ricoh Highspeed DVD+RW 8x. As you see in the first scan with BSJB, there was no Problem with 8x Recording. OverSpeed and SolidBurn really was turned off.
In MCSE the media is listed and supports 6x and 8x writing.


can you erase it and rewrite on the disc???


Erasing with BSJB - Message: Insert a Disk!


that suck :a


I mailed it the BENQ Support. Lets see what they will answer!


I have exactly the same problems with RicohJPNW21 8X DVD-RW and Firmware BSKB. All my attempts to write this media with BSKB had a quality score of 0. After flashing back to BSJB all the problems were gone. Erasing first was not possible, but after 5-10 times getting the message “Insert a Disk” suddenly the DVD was recognised and I was able to quick erase. After that I have burned it with a quality score (BSJB) of 96.
So there seems to be a big problem with Firmware BSKB and HighSpeed DVD+RW Media. It would be interesting, whether there is only a problem with the RicohJPNW21 or with all HighSpeed DVD+RW Media?


Originally Posted by Charly C.
Erasing first was not possible, but after 5-10 times getting the message “Insert a Disk” suddenly the DVD was recognised and I was able to quick erase.

Thanks a lot, but i wasn’t successful with it. I tryed it almost 20 times, but die Disk wasn’t recognised anymore. :frowning:


Try to erase the disc in another burner and/or with other software. :wink:
Can’t believe a BenQ would ruin RW’s like this…


I have the same problem,i have burned a ricoh dvd+rw 8x,after burn i can not erase and read the disc and any burner and dvd player outer plex 716.
I have tried to erase the disc in the pio. 109 nothing,then i have tried to erase in the plextor 716 and he has erased and he has burned,but the 1640 do not read it,somtimes i make the bsjb at the burner and tell you it,what he makes.


I have two burn with bskb with the RicohJPN W21 ricoh dvd+rw 8xricoh made,and the two were bad,then i could´n erase ,but it have work with dvdinfopro,but at last it would error at the end but they were blank,i could the burn with the bsjb both ricoh´s and they have a normally scan with nerocd-dvd speed.

There is a bug in the BSKB with RicohJPN W21,i have burn other rw with the bskb(not other ricoh 8x)verbatim 6x-r and memorex(philips)4x +r,and all were good.

today i write to benq.


For my bad CDRW disks I use SuperBlank to bring them back to life. Most of the time SuperBlank would make the bad disk usable - I wonder if it works on DVD-RWs. I have now bought the BENQ 1640 and have no DVD-RW disks to try out this software on this writer.

Here is a link for SuperBlank



Benq germany,has my ask send to benq taiwan than their they make the write srategies for the burner.


I have the same issue with the new firmware.
The Benq can not recognize this discs after a testburn with NeroCDSpeed (the LiteOn832 can see this discs but there is no data on them).
I used CloneCD to erase this discs in my old LiteOn832 (the LiteOn can not write 8xRW but the quick erase worked).
After this the Benq can work with them again - but I have to use the old firmware to produce readable discs.

And there seems to be a problem with high-speed CD-RWs too. My Verbatim 24x are not readable too.

Hope this helps.


I have had great luck with BSHB and the TDK, Verbatim and Sony DVD+RW and DVD-RW disks I have tried them with. Nero


I know of BenQ being atrocious overall with RW media. It’s nothing new, generally all write qualities are not spectacular. :frowning: I knew this would be coming one day