DW1640 Bezel Replacement?

Anyone out there replace the bezel on the DW1640 as of yet? I’ve searched and only saw reference to swapping the DW1620’s bezel, and one post that the DW1640’s you have to swap the entire tray and not just the front bezel. Reason I am enquiring is that I have received the wrong colour for an RMA and rather than dealing with sending the thing out again, I have a BenQ rep sending me the replacement bezel (Black), he said it was easy, but not sure now since I saw the post about having to swap trays. Thanks.

I don’t think they’ll send you a complete tray. Cause you have to open the drive to exchange trays.


Ya, that’s as much as I figured, so was the statement made by another user here not correct? Can the tray’s bezel be replaced easily?

The bezel is easy to change out. Just be careful not to use to much force or you will snap the plastic.

Note: DW1620 and 1640 bezels are NOT interchangeable but both are quite easy to work with.

Sounds good, thanks folks, now I just need to wait for the bezel to arrive; definitely don’t wanna RMA to swap colours, this new drive is producing some killer burns!

Well finally got my bezel replacement, took a little longer than expected. It was a little tricky to remove the tray bezel, but I got it off. Sadly, the retail and oem tray bezel have clips in different places, and therefore the retail bezel will not fit on the oem tray. I was happy to see that it ended up being a retail bezel as I like the look of the BenQ text, but too bad it doesn’t fit. I guess I gotta bug my contact at BenQ Canada to send me an oem bezel. :sad: