DW1640 bad quality?

Well i’ve bought a new BenQ DW1640 drive, and i felt curious about the quality of recording. So i’ve run a few quality tests on some recordings but i don’t know if these spikes are normal.

Verbatim DVD+R 16x (Recorded at 16x)

Verbatim DVD+R 16x (Recorded at 4x)

Verbatim DVD+R 16x (Recorded at 16x. Same data like the previous)

So what do you think? Recording at very low speed looks good, but when fired to max speed, is it normal on this drive?

Hard to say. But, with MCC media and all in the 92+ quality range, I think you’re just fine. As long as you have your maximum “PI Failures” under 15 and no “PO Failures” you’re golden. For what it’s worth, I only burn my DW1620 and DW1640 at 8x. Anything beyond that you may get a snag here and there. Just my $0.02.

The 1640 is known to bring these “toothbrush-like” PIF peaks at the end of all 16X burns of +R discs. So your 1640 unit is behaving like all the others. :slight_smile:

If these PIF peaks bug you, burn the +R 16X discs @12X, the spikes will go away. :wink: (and you’ll loose less than 30 seconds AFAIK).

Just to explain a little more… The “toothbrush”, as we call it, is a bit of a mystery. BenQ claims their big, professional CATS scanner doesn’t see it, neither do, I believe, Plextor drives and perhaps some others. But BenQ and some other brands see them loud and clear. It’s pretty odd, but it looks like they finally did away with it in the 1650/5.

The options are: a) Live with it, since it doesn’t seem to have much real world impact and you probably won’t ever notice they’re there, or b) write at 12x and lose 30 seconds.

Thanks for the extended info tehGrue :slight_smile:

Sidenote: who said that MCC004 discs can’t be written properly @4X? :bigsmile:

yes, teh, I think they said the LiteOns and Plextors didn’t see those spikes, and I definitely remember CodeKing said BenQ’s CATS didn’t show those spikes.

@ Sk3: MCC003/004 varies in quality from spindle to spindle, so one burn might be a “respectable” 1253 PIF total, but another higher or lower than that. Franck’s suggestion of burning MCC004 at 12x is a good one, as most users get the most consistent results burning it at 12x across several drives.

Thanks for all the replies :smiley:

I’ll try burning @12x to check the results.

Thanks again :wink: