DW1640 and TYG03 - Horrid Results



I tried burning a couple of my TYG03’s with my DW1640 and BSLB for the first time this evening, and the first result produced horrid results, didn’t save the scan as I figured it was a bad disc. So I proceeded to burn a second disc, and got fairly similar results - mind you the first burn was even worse. My Pioneer DVR-110D burns these discs (same batch) with results such as this. Why would I be producing such terrible results with my BenQ, but my Pioneer is doing fairly well? Is it possible that the drive is ‘defective’ at 16x? The media was burned with WOPC on, OS off and SB off for known media.


Wow!:eek: That is the first bad TYG03 burn I have seen. This media likes to be burned fast so it suprises me that the errors are at the end. My findings are the faster this MID is burned the less PIF (normally). Guess you could try digging a little farther down the spindle and try another with Solidburn on. Don’t use BSKB or it will probably write at 2.4x with Solidburn on. I have burned this in the 1620’s Nec 3520 @16x and all were great burns My Plextor 716A wrote higher than average PIE but still acceptable. What is the Batch # (73) is all I have seen so far.


To Late to edit, I should have stated that the 1620’s have TYG03@TYG02 strat swap, they dont write TYG03 that well with stock FW but the 1640 stock FW works great for my TYG03.


yup, the benq 1640 doesnt write 16x TYG03 media very well. infact, many other drives dont support TYG03 very well either. At this point, its best to stay with TYG02 and burn at 12x because there isnt much difference between burn times.


I’ll check the batch when I get home from the office, but this is definitely a big dissappointment and very unexpected. I can’t really see it being the discs as the Pioneer writes them fine, and I used discs from a similar spot in the spindle. After I scanned the first burn, I thought maybe there was a blotch on the outer rim of the disc since the burns go down hill at that point, but nope, clean as a whistle, no blotches, no scratches, nothing. I’m gonna have to find someone else with a DW1640 and have them try my TYG03s, if it’s the same results, then I guess I have a weird batch that the BenQ’s can’t touch, but if it’s fine, then I will need to RMA the drive.


I think you may have misunderstood my statement TYG03 burns very well in most writers . The BenQ 1620 needs help with the stock FW and the 1640 usually writes this media well with stock FW. Check this thread for TYG03 burns and you will find most scores are QS97 and above.:wink:


Eluder, this may be a silly question, but did you eject the disc before running the QS? I forgot to eject the disc the other day and had a ton of PO failures.


Well Nero automatically spits out the discs when I complete the burn, but hey, I’ll scan the discs again when I get home from work and see if there are different results.


Ok, checked my discs, they are batch 73 as well crossg. Rescanning a disc now and it got some crazy POFs again at the end, so it’s definitely toast. I’ve got my hands on some RICOHJPNR03 Memorex 16x +R media, so I’m going to try that now just to see if it’s a 16x issue or not with my DW1640.


Burned the Ricoh based Memorex 16x +R media and got bad results as well, nowhere near as horrid as the TYG03’s, but still bad, especially in comparison to my DVR-110D results at 12x (max speed capable with the Pioneer). So do you guys think there’s something up with my DW1640?


Unfortunately the 1640 is a pretty horrible 16X DVD+R burner. There are always huge PIF spikes after the 3G mark, just like your scan, only often they are more severe.

On the other hand, the 1640 burns DVD-R at 16X beautifully, which is a little odd because benq is considered to be biased towards DVD+R (they ARE partnered with phillips, after all!).

At this point in time I would say you probably don’t have a defective drive, but it’s hard to tell.

edit - the 1640 burns 16X DVD+R media at 12X perfectly, you should try that. :wink:


Ok, still no luck with TYG03s (from a different part of the spindle) and my DW1640. I even crossflashed to the external DW1640 firmware to see if that would help, but nope, it goes POF crazy at the end and has over 250k of PIEs. There’s gotta be something wrong with this drive if my DVR-110D does a very good job on the exact same discs.


Have you tried enabling solid burn for supported discs? It may help.


That was my next step, then the last would be to try the burner in another machine and see. BTW, the unit is set as a slave (my DVR-110D is master), would that cause any issues? It didn’t when my DW1620 Pro was the slave with a DVR-109, but just trying as many angles as possible. I actually spoke to BenQ, and the lady on the phone pretty much said, last thing to try would be in another computer, but based on what I told her, it does sound like the drive is ‘defective’ in someway.


I would try the drive as single master just to rule out any issue caused by the other drive.


Have you considered using QScan to scan a few balnks at different speeds? The “quick” option will just scan the section at the end of the disc. I’ve found it to be very good at predicting the burn quality of individual discs.



I’ve always found QSan to be garbage for me. At least when I had my DW1620 Pro it was pretty useless at telling me the capability of the disc at the tested speed. I may give it a go on TYG03 and see what it reports, but I’ve always taken its results with a grain of salt.


These spikes at the end of 16x dvd+r burns are supposedly negligible. Benq have said that these don’t affect the discs. It has been said that only benq and lite-on drives can detect these spikes, while other drives and professional hardware will not pick it up. So according to benq it can be ignored. Since it’s not a big problem according to them, it seems it isn’t a priority to ‘fix’. Apparantly the issue has been around for quite some time, with 1620 as well.