DW1625 ,really a 8X -R writer?



why benq said dw1625 is only a 8X DVD-R writer?

When I use MCSE to open the 1625 firmware , the speed for some -R media reach 12X 16X , WHY? :disagree:


Don’t know why they limited the DW1625 to 8x on -R, but I couldn’t even burn TYG03 (16x rated media) at 16x with the unit, sucks, but it’s the work drive, so don’t matter. :slight_smile:


so…the speed setting in the firmware does’t work ?


Is this Speed Block Removable???


I would presume no, but I never tried MCSE on the DW1625. The specs do clearly state that it’s an 8x -R writer though, I still find it strange though.


the benq’s firmware is strange, does somebody know how benq control the write speed?


Yeah the 1625 is stuck as an 8x DVD-R writer for the time being although those write speed options are present in the firmware they must be enabled by BenQ in order for them to work.

Hopefully they’ll get around to improving the media support