DW1625 + QSuite info available @BenQ.com

Link to DW1625 @BenQ.com

Also some interesting info about QSuite:

BenQ QSuite - Optimizing DVD ReWriter Control
QSuite is an innovative application suite that both compliments and enhances the convenience of DVD recording technology. Through use of the four encompassed functions (BookType Management, QScan, Test Write, WOPC enable/disable), you can easily adjust drive settings in order to gain even greater control.

Unfortunately not yet available for download.

Awesome! Great post, jsl. The only thing really new in the 1625 is light-scribe functions though correct? I want an SATA capable BenQ. :wink: hehe

Yeah only LS seems to be new and DVD-R and DVD+R DL write speeds are actually worse according the specs (8x resp. 2.4x), just like for the Philips DVDR16LSK.

Interesting I wonder what “Test Write” could be, it’s own disc quality scan program perhaps ??

Oh and the external version of the 1625 has SATA if I recall from the pictures posted a while back but not many mobos have the connectors that support external SATA devices.

"Test write " is to simulate a burn…:D:D

That’s nice. It seems that, more and more, procdutcs are being released with custom features.

Nuts thought it might be something usefull :bigsmile:

it is…

Lets hope we will be able to apply these nice new tools on our BenQ 1620´s as well.

Then, together with ala42´s MCSE tool, 1620 drives can become real champs. :smiley:

Just monitor the BenQ FTP Site from time to time. There is more recent data posted there than on their U.S. http site.

On their FTP-site, still no sign of B7U9. So it’s not that updated.

Any chance they will make this compatible with the DW1610 as well?

Extremely unlikely.