DW1625 Problem

I just had a very rude surprise this evening…I was going to pop a disk into the drive (DW1625) and discovered that the button was not opening the unit, nor was right clicking on it in Explorer and hitting ‘eject’ getting anywhere.

So, my question is, do these drives have a history of crapping out overnight?

I did use it yesterday and it worked fine then. I haven’t needed it at all until a couple of hours ago, so I wasn’t using it earlier in the day. I also thought I had the drive for a bit longer than I have…it was purchased in May 2006…so it is just a few months out of warranty.

Oh, and I would also appreciate any suggestions for a replacement…

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Check if some software is locking the drive. Maybe you can use ImgBurn to unlock the drive :slight_smile:

Go to menu Tools --> Drive --> Unlock Tray

To exclude a damaged drive, can you try to install it on a different computer? If on another machine the drive works correctly, then there is something wrong in your computer.

It’s not locked…rebooted from Windows into Linux (multiboot system), still no response. About the only thing I can think of is a minor power outage we had in the afternoon toasted the main motor. It behaves as if the motor is shot or it is not getting 12V…

So, basically, what I’m after, now, is any good suggestions for a replacement.

Actually, it is a return to the forums after an extended absence…but it seems old posts are gone…I’m pretty sure I had more than 3 (oh, well, I guess that’s what I get for taking a bit over a year away…;)).

To exclude an issue on your machine the best way is to install the drive on a different machine.

Maybe you can ask to a friend to do a test :slight_smile:

It is the drive…failed in another machine.

What I am wanting to know, is if this particular model has a history of failures and some suggestions for a new drive…

The first DW1620s that came out had some problems, but I am not sure if the Lightscribe model DW1625) had the same issues.
How long have you had it? :confused:

I’ve had it about a year and a half…April 2006 (manufactured in March).

Usually if it lasted that long it would be okay. The bad one (DW1620s) were bad right away. I would suggest the LGH42N for an IDE solution, and the Samsung SH203N for an SATA with Lightscribe solution.

The DW1620s were bad right away, usually if they lasted that long they were good. If your sure the drive is dead, I would replace it with the Samsung SH 203N with Lightscribe but its an SATA drive not an IDE. For IDE without Lightscribe I would go with the LGH42N, great drive, great price. Take a look at some drives at Newegg.com or any other online reseller.:iagree:

Having trouble finding a H42…can find a 44 or a 54…both in the N or the L (I kind of would prefer a Lightscribe drive…considering I have some media left)…are the 5x series any good or should I go with the 44?