DW1625 does not work with external enclosure

I just bought a BenQ DW1625 DVD-/+RW. I tried to use it with a external enclosure, but my notebook unable to recognise, and unable to load up the driver for the DVD drive. I’m using a FR-712C External Enclosure, I try the enclosure with a Samsung DVD ReWriter and a 80G HDD. It works fine with it. I just wonder, does this BenQ DW1625 can be used as external drive? Please help. Thanks.

If I remember correctly it does work with enclosures using the plumax PL-3507 chipset.

You have to provide a little more details before anyone on the forum can help you.

  1. Are you using USB2 or Firewire or both ?
  2. What ChipSet is used in the Case ?
  3. Firmware up to date on Case ?


I did a search on the “FR-712C” number and found out that it’s a USB2 Case that uses the Cypress ChipSet. I have NEVER had good luck with a Cypress Chipset on BenQ drives.

I just put my HP 640i (which is made by BenQ) into external enclosure. It’s made by Canyon (www.canyon-tech.com), don’t really know what chipset it uses. When I opened it, i find one big chip with the name “ALi” on it.
It works, the drive is recognised, I can access it and currently I am burning a lightscribe label.

However I had some problems before when it was inside my PC, it only wrote about 25% of the lightscribe label and then aborted with communication error :frowning: That was after I flashed the new firmware and executed a lightscribe update. Before all worked fine… let’s see if it completes the label now :rolleyes:

Beach-hobo, I’m not sure what chipset FR-712C use, the external enclosure uses USB2 Port. Thanks!

Can anyone recommend me what external enclosure is compatible with BenQ DW1625 DVD Drive?


get a enclosure that uses the OXFORD 911 CHIPSET. according to the BYTECC website model 320F which is a firewire enclosure uses the OXFORD CHIPSET. unfortunately NEWEGG.COM is out of stock but the estimated arrival for that item is April 8, 2005. That model is a FIREWIRE ENCLOSURE for dvd burners and hard drives. USB has known compatiblity problems compared to FIREWIRE when using a dvd burner in a external enclosure.

Here is the link for that BYTECC FIREWIRE EXTERNAL ENCLOSURE MODEL 320F and also the link from the BYTECC website showing it’s a OXFORD CHIPSET.


you’ll see where it says OXFORD CHIPSET(ME-320F FIREWIRE ONLY)

OK Guys & Girls,
With all the different recommendations floating around…

The only PROVEN combo up to now is a case that provides both a firewire and USB2 interface. The case must be using the Prolific Chipset called the PL-3507…

The Oxford911 with the new V4 firmware (look into “The Big External Case” thread, has not been proven to support UDMA-2 yet… Please read the thread…

Well I can confirm that all works fine now on my mentioned external enclosure. After I reinstalled the Nero LightScribe Host, it’s all ok again and it works fine now connetected via USB 2.0.
I don’t have a cvt flash file for BenQ 1625 so I can’t try if it would work with that enclosure when flashed to BenQ. I’m gonna try to flash to Philips LS16…

Hi Pac,
I didn’t respond to your first post, but as you found out the HP(BenQ) drive does work in an ALI ChipSet case. The ChipSet used in the External EW162I drive is ALI, therefore I didn’t expect you would have any problems. The only problem I feel you will discover, is that you will not be able to hit 16X.

Didnt know EW162I uses ALI chipset, lucky me that my Canyon one uses ALI, too :slight_smile:

Any details about “not able to hit 16x”? If I can reach 12x, I’m fine. But I would like to know more.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your help! I have managed to get a box that works!

OMG, and you don’t share!!!


HELP ME! :bigsmile:

I have a 1620 Pro OEM/BULK, and I neeeeeeed a USB 1.1/2.0 Box that works.
Hopefully one I can exchange back through new egg for this pos that does not work.
(ADI PM-525U2-PCS) Marketed under many other names, and sold at New Egg among others… again it does NOT work.

You need an Enclosure that uses the “ALI” ChipSet. The same ChipSet that is used in a real EW162I…

@beach-hobo: could you please answer my question concerning your info that i won’t be able to hit 16x?

Ok - Here we go…

I have a Plumax Case with the Prolific ChipSet BridgeBoard. I am also using the BenQ firmware for the external because it provides a higher burst rate (47L9).

My Nero CD/DVD Speed Test for burst rate are as follows:
Firewire = 24 MB/s.
USB2 = 20 MB/s.

In order to support 16X you need a speed greater than 22,160KB/s (16X).
So the best you can do on USB2 with 20MB/s is 12X.

This is only part one in your quest to hit 16X. We only have the external drive set up that can hit 16X. But remember there are alot of other things that must fit in. Is you machine fast… Is you hard drive fast… Do you have builtin port on your motherboard… etc., etc.

Please go read the “Big External Case” thread - much more details are there…