DW1625 blue screen IRQ issue

I’ve had the BW1625 for over a month, and it has generally been burning as promised.

However - very frequently, usually when I use it for different operations, i.e. playing a DVD, then burning with Nero 7, it shuts down my system with a blue screen 'IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" message.

If I play 3 DVDs in a row, no problem.
If I burn 3 DVDs in a row, no problem.
If I play a DVD, then burn a DVD, blue screen.

I’ve never had this problem with my previous drive (LG 4040B), which was also the master drive on my secondary IDE channel.

This blue screen ONLY happens at the start of an operation involving the 1625, so I doubt any other hardware is the problem.

I reinstalled Nero 6, then, no difference.
Took out the drive, checked the connectors.
Reverted to a drive image from before the 1625, no difference.
I checked that my BBIA is the latest.

I should also mention that the problem is intermittent: it won’t happen every time. Usually, once out of every 3 operations.

I’m at the end of my rope. Any other suggestions before I declare the drive defective?

Thanks for any help.


Welcome to the forum.
I had this error and several others as my comp would crash without warning with the BSOD or just reboot sometimes with chkdisc sometimes without.
To cut a long story short whilst diagnosing the problem I found that some of the Electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard were bulging and leaking! I replaced these (a job only for very experienced repairers) and all was well. However the crashes had screwed the OS. This is not to say that your motherboard is at fault but the following may be the answer.
1 Check the on board memory. (Memory is often the cause of this problem).
2 use XP repair consul on the OS
3 defrag your drive and make sure there is enough room for the page file. (Also memory related).
It could be an issue with your power supply but from what you say it is probably not.
Hope this helps you.

Thanks for the tips, guys.

I scanned my memory with Memtest, and found no errors. If the mobo is the issue, the problem may be way out of my depth, but since the symptoms ONLY relate to actions from the 1625 drive, and disappear without it, I’m still thinking it’s the singular problem.

I tried uninstalling most of my DVD-related software (Nero, PowerDVD, DVDRegionFree, etc.) but the problem persists.

Hope I don’t have to rebuild my OS from scratch… Unfortunately, Benq’s web site has very little info.


NO a reinstall is not on the books at the moment just use the repair consul as I suggested. It will leave all your other components software etc alone.
Set the bios to boot from the cd. Have the XP licence no. ready as XP will ask for it at some stage during the repair. Boot up. Ignore the first screen that offers a repair option and go for reinstall. At the second screen press R and follow the instructions.

Thanks weedougie.

I tried the repair consul as you described, but the problem persists. It’s very difficult to pin down because I will repeat the actions that trigger the problem and get the blue screen only one out of every 4 or 5 tries. For a few days I thought the problem had gone away, then today it happened again. It’s looking more and more like the DW1625 is defective. I may have to try a new burner.


I had a BenQ 1640 that caused a crash to a blue screen while doing a benchmark test in cd speed. I RMA’ed the drive and the replacement has not had this trouble.