DW1620A trouble reading DVD-R


I bought a BenQ DW1620A (oem black model) today and have flashed to the newest retail firmware.

I burned some data discs using Nero 6.6 on Onidtech DVD-Rs, first time without checking the “verify when finish” box. The DVD-R finished burning OK, but unable to read files from disc. When I try to copy files back to HD, it says: “Cannot copy bla_bla_file: Data error (cyclic redundancy check).”

Then I burned again using Nero with “verify when finish” box checked. It finished burning and verifying OK. However, same problem occurs when trying to copy files (or running the files - Realplayer format)

I then tried the discs on another computer using a generic 16x DVD reader, but copying works perfectly.

At first I was thinking it maybe due to bad media type, however, it read OK on another drive… Does anyone know the solution to this?

I reflashed my ASPI driver to ForceASPI btw. Thank-you in advance.

sorry, my mistake~ it appears i needed to restart after uninstalling/installing some of the softwares and drivers (nero, aspi, …) the drive reads the discs fine now.

BenQ really makes good drives. i would recommend it to everyone!! alone for its attempt to release firmwares so constantly, defintely beats my old LG burner!

i’m also amazed the CDRW quality is just as good – better than my samsung 52x drive <-- particular media never works on it, but works perfectly on my BenQ.

sorry again for the confusion.

That Onditech is on the “Do Not” list for the 1620. Use compatible media.
For this drive, a few of the cheapest and worse DVD-R medias can be written to, but not read from. S9 firmware can help on a few of these. However on medias like YiJhan, Wingshing, Sky, Onditech, Nanya, Must, Ume, MJC, Etop, Postech, and Ultran–there is where you will discover the write-to-but-not-play-back issue because these are all on the “Do Not” list. These medias, known for corrupting data, are also known for corrupting drives.

You may also find BenQ’s free Q-scan to be helpful to discover recommended burn speeds for individual discs. CD/DVDspeed from cdspeed2000.com is very useful for quality control after burning. And, copying the finished disc back to the hard drive with DVDDecryptor’s all file mode will verify data integrity of the new disc.