bought this so called " famous " drive in SGP HWZ…after hearing some many complains about it…:D:D

Updated firmware to latest on website to B7H9

suppose to give more media to write at 16x speed

Media List:

Support DVD+R DL (Double Layer) media:

  1. MKM (Mitsubishi)
  2. Ritek

Support 16x DVD+R media:

  1. Philips (C16)
  2. MKM (MCC 004)
  4. Prodisc (PRODISC R04)
  5. Maxell (MAXELL 003)
  6. Daxon (DAXON AZ3)
  7. Ricoh (RICOHJPN R03)
  8. Ritek (RITEK R04)
  9. SONY (SONY D21)
  10. TDK (TDK 003)
  11. CMC (CMCMAG M01)

For 8x DVD+R media which is able to write at 16x:

  1. Daxon (DAXON AZ2)
  2. LeadData (LD S03)
  3. SONY (SONY D11)
  4. TDK (TDK 002)
  6. Ricoh (RICOHJPN R02)

For 8x DVD+R media which is able to write at 12x:

  1. Umedisc (AML 002)
  2. BeAll (BEALL000 P80)
  3. EDD (DT-D03 004)
  4. Infodisc (INFODISC R20)
  5. Infomedia (INFOME R20)
  6. Maxell (MAXELL 002)
  7. MBI (MBIPG101 R04)
  8. MKM (MCC 003)
  9. NANYA (CLX)
  10. NANYA (CHX)
  11. Philips (PHILIPS 081)
  12. Plasmon (PLASMON1 C01)
  13. Prodisc (PRODISC R03)
  14. Ritek H02 type (RITEK R03)
  15. Ritek CH1 type (RITEK R03)
  16. WingSing (WINGSHIN 001)

For 8x DVD-R media which is able to write at 16x:

  1. Daxon (DAXON0 08S)
  2. SONY (SONY08 D1)

For 8x DVD-R media which is able to write at 12x:

  1. Maxell (MXL RG 03)
  2. Prodisc (Prodisc S04)

NOTICE! Superior quality disc is recommended for high speed writing!


now burning…

using Benq8X +r media…10 pcs for $12

cheap enough for me…no sigma or whatso ever brands…

Default 16X
Daxon 8x+R Media

finish in 6:55…:D:D

KRpobe Result looks Good

Verbatim -R 2.4x


Yucks!!! Horrid probe…:eek::eek:

Doing another krpobe on 2nd verbatim disc…

Quailty Test

PioData 8x -R


Quality Test

TY 8X+R :smiley:


KProbe Scans

another probe at 4x…on TY 8X +R

Be careful, Benq 1620A doesn’t like DVD-R/RW slower than 4X…
It tries to burn them at the speed of 2,4X which is of course a speed for DVD+ standard and not minus… So result can’t be good, even if you can read back the burn in Benq, you will do nothing in another player…

Benq promises a new FW , but I don’t know about what it will give with old DVD-R/RW slower than 4X…just don’t buy this…there are enough cheap 4X, 8X now… and who would like to burn at 2X with this rocket burner? :slight_smile:

i know…thanks for the reminder tot…but apparently …RITEK G05 code looks pretty good…judging from the scans…

Mitsubishi 8x DVD-R @ 8x gives nice quality also.

1st 8x - burn on BenQ DW1600->1620 writer is scary. There were long pauses (>30sec, 6 or 7 times) along the way & the led will switch from the normal red (burning mode) to green & so on. My 1st thought was that it would be a coaster but lucky it wasn’t to be.

Mitsubishi 8x DVD-R at 8x

rather smooth read graph

k-probe, not bad at all from BenQ with 8x - format :eek:

but sad to say none have of us has achieve burns less then 6:20 ( 16X speeds) consitently…

I used the 1610 to burn unknown branded prodisc R03 +R discs at 12X, nero showed it only took 6:31mins to completed.

Is the 1620 available in the UK yet?

If you use the correct media on BenQ even with B7H9 fw +R media 8x will overspeed to 16x and do very fine job here is some yuden000T02 8x@16x