planning to purchase another dvd burner, i have an NEC3500 and i’m not impressed with it at all, it’s a slow crappy drive!! i was wondering is the DW1620 fast at ripping dvd movies? also is it quiet? and hows the quality of it compare to NEC3500? thanks in advance.

super quiet, good quality

It doesn’t have a rip unlocker, so it’s of medium ripping speed. It’s probably a better reader then the 3500.

The Benq drive is an excelent silent quality reader. But max reding speed is 8x. Strange coz the max writing speed is 16x. So unless you don’t have another dvd player that reads faster , i wouldn’t recomanded for fast reaping

do you guys know what is the fastest ripping dvd burner is out there? i own nec3500 and DVR-108 i have riplock on both but they are still slowwwww. i also have an optorite 16x dvd burner and it’s twice as fast as the nec3500 and DVR-108 but the burning quality sucks! i’m going to buy another dvd burner for my laptop and i need a faster yet good quailty for dvd burning. any recommendation? i was considering benq but since you guys said it wasnt a fast ripping burner then i dont know… money is tight and i cant keep buying more dvd burners lol . any help would be appreciated.

My 1620 has done 16x with minus media so I think it’s kinda media/hardware dependant. It seems to rip slower with plus and I think it’ll do 16 with pressed media but I just remember getting 16x test read with one of my good minus burns. It’s a better reader then my 3500 and with the new bm9 firmware they are about equal in quality of burns for me, with the BenQ maybe having a slight edge with Ricoh R01 OC to 8x.
They both do quite well with media they like and the BenQ usually burns any speed a bit faster then my 3500.

I know what the fastest ripping and great error correction DVD-ROM is, it’s the AOpen 1648-AAP, that’s what’s I’ve been reading at least.


i’m going to sell my desktop because i just purchased an inspiron 9100 w/3.2ghz/128mb ati. and i want a good dvd burner for it and so far the only dvd burners that i havent tried are benq 16x and toshiba 16x. i cant decide which one to get…

seemed a good enough dvd ripper from genuine dvd-roms.
maybe less good from dvd±r then. -??