DW1620 with K firmware and Nero Problems

Is anyone else having problems burning 8x+R with Nero Recode. If I change the booktype to +R before I start the burn, then Nero overides and changes it to -ROM. The burn is then succesful. The drive is now set to -ROM and if I don’t set it back to +R before I start Nero Recode again the burn will fail. Also with 2x-RW Nero Recode wants to burn it to -ROM at 2.4x, which is not possible, and it usually fails.

I am usually shrinking a movie down to fit so I don’t know of other software other than DVDshrink which also uses Nero.

In Nero Express you can overide booksetting, but movie has to be shrunk first.

Nero Recode has been great up to now with this drive, does anyone know when they will fix this bug.

Dont even bother with the Nero booktype settings. Use the Benq utility.

I’ve burned some AVIs as data with Nero and the H firmware no problems. I use cloneCD for burning movies, no problems. The firmware defaults to DVD-ROM.

I use the Benq utility, but when I use Nero Recode to burn it automatically changes the Book Setting, no choices here. DvdShrink does the same thing because it uses Nero burning engine (It’s author wrote Nero Recode). If I don’t change the drive back to +R with Benq utility then the next burn crashes 30 seconds into burn, causing a coaster. I have about 15 coasters from yesterday alone and am not amused.

Even if I shrink the movie down to the hard drive first it takes forever. Nero Recode takes about 5 to 12 minutes to recode and analyse then burns it in about 9 minutes on an 8x. I also like to remove all menus leaving just the movie.

ever thought about trying (using demo versions) SlySoft’s CloneDVD and AnyDVD?!?
maybe this is better for your case…
simple usage and really easy to just rip/burn the movie without menus and so on…

or you rip it as single files to your HDD and then burn it using normal nero burning rom - just drag’n’drop - then the booktype setting should stay…

There is an option in the latest Nero to leave booktype settings unchanged. Basically tells Nero to leave your setting the hell alone.

I could not get Nero Recode to work.
I am using Prodisc R03 DVD+R 8x Ink Jet Hub printable media purchased at Blankmedia.ca. I now use DVDDecrypter to rip, DVDShrink 3.2 to convert to a DVD5 ISO and then DVDDecrypter to burn at 12x as an DVD-ROM in 6 minutes everytime, not one failure in the last 30. They work in everything I have tried, even my ancient Toshiba.