DW1620 - which Nero version you would not use?

Hi everybody,

a little poll - I just like to know which Nero version you would not use under all circumstances with the BenQ DW1620? Also if you have some bad experiences with a version, please post them here in the thread and also which version you now use which works fine?


A very scientific interpretation of the result so far:
Most (2 of 4) dont like Nero 6.0 (including me).

But no one has sth against 6.3 or 5.5

What’s wrong with 6? I’m using and so far it’s worked fine . . .

Hm I think it is more about the last revision number, 23 is pretty high and maybe all 6.0 issues are corrected then? I am about to reinstall a 6.3. I have still lying around here … too bad Nero doesnt allow to have installed different versions at once I fear!

Or does it?